Bitcoin Private Key Cracker


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Feb 9, 2023

A modern and powerful program for cracking the private key of a Bitcoin wallet. Very high speed of key generation and validation, support up to 10,000 threads - all depends on the power of your computer.

The following objects are available for cracking:
- Bitcoin addresses list. Private keys are generated for all of the addresses on the list. When finding at least one key, the software stops working and displays the data - wallet address/public key/private key. Knowing these data, you can easily enter the wallet. A bonus in the archive attached a list of wallets with lost access to them, some wallets are thousands of bitcoins. There have already been successful attacks on wallets from the list with this program, so from this base some btc addresses may already be empty.
- List of public keys. The method above automatically gets public wallet keys. But if you have your own list of public keys, you can pick up private keys by selecting this method.
- A folder with wallet files (.dat). You can put in this folder bitcoin wallet files for cracking. All of them will be used to pick a private key and in case of success you will also get all the necessary data to log in.

Price: $199
Download demo: