Bitcoin Price: Is the Storm Over?


Jan 11, 2017
The Bitcoin trading market has been panicky shivering this last week. The Bitcoin price has dropped sharply from $2,500 last week to $1,850 on Sunday, July 16. However, on Monday, July 17, Bitcoin’s price recovered a little and holds on at a level around $2,000.

The Cryptocurrency community is expecting the decision on Bitcoin’s Segregated Witness on July 29. The vote on SegWit2x will begin on July 21 and if the number of votes for it reaches 80%, SegWit2x will be activated. Experts say that this should help to avoid Bitcoin’s chain-split on August 1, when the launch of BIP148 is scheduled. However, if the majority of Bitcoin miners does not signal support for SegWit through BIP148 on August 1st, but at least some do, Bitcoin’s blockchain will split in two, and we will see two types of Bitcoin tokens.

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