Bitcoin pre-pump indicator (whale purchase) - draft. Looking for partners


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Feb 26, 2024
Greetings forum members and guests of the forum. I would like to present you my idea-project, which I wanted to realize 7 years ago.

The essence of my idea is to promote my own indicator and the project on it, which indicates Bitcoin pre-pump - this is the time of buying Bitcoin by whales before a strong shot up. The indicator sends a signal to telegram and twitter - Whales are buying BTC and another picture and link to the article. It means it's time to buy and a strong shot is coming soon.

All signals come from my Tradingview account set up in a certain way. This indicator has nothing in common with other indicators in Tradingview and does not use any variables of regular indicators.

The indicator has been successfully tested over the last 2 years. I have recognized maximum possible drawdown, leverage size, order grid size, percentage of deposit in a trade, trade start and average profit size.

In general, I recognized the bitcoin preamp pattern 7 years ago, but it was necessary to do a lot of tests, develop a strategy, there was no time for all this, besides, I lost all the money on Bitrex exchange back in 2017 playing with alts, and later on Bitmex exchange, which was almost the only exchange with huge leverage at that time. Also at that time there were no advanced bots for automated trading which made it difficult to implement.

The distance to a pump after a signal ranged from a few hours to a few days. The last pump was less than a day ago and the indicator successfully fixed it at the price of 51400 5 hours before the pump, with posts on twitter and telegram. Now the price is 56000. Today is February 27, 2024. This is just an example.

In the past I was hesitant to create a project under it. I worked alone but my gambling habits ruined all the profit time after time, now the idea is to get rid of this addiction and make a project that will work automatically. This indicator gives a huge profit, hundreds of percent per year and this is with spot trading, but as I wrote above you can use and leverage. But you can not trade with your hands, you can not touch and interfere. It earns slowly, but clearly indicates the probability of a pump. Fake signals have not yet been.

Realization is a meme project, the goal is to make a similar project, like Bearableguy, which has never been wrong, only the posts will be much more frequent and in 2-3 languages. There is a huge field for experimentation, post pictures with AI, make hints, riddles, etc... The main thing here is reputation, if someone or something constantly guesses the right direction, you can attract the attention of an unlimited number of people.

You can also make money on a copytrading account, that is, you understand, if over the long haul not a single minus transaction, then this account will become legendary. You can also sell subscriptions in the future and much, much more.

At the moment I am looking for interested people in this project. Investments are still needed small, I myself am engaged in the promotion of channels in Telegram and Twitter, worked with software on Twitter, developed websites, wrote articles and design websites. Therefore, there is no need to hire a large volume of employees, all tasks for work are ready, which I can perform or order myself.

What are the conditions?
I think so - the partner will receive 50% of the future profit and assets in the form of a promoted Telegram channel or Twitter account. That is, you will invest in the promotion of your own asset. Thus there will be a dependence on cooperation, one without the other will not be able to function. You can also discuss other options.

If you are interested in the project, then leave your contacts. I will show you what has already been done and a rough estimate of the project at the alpha stage. I need a partner who will be interested in it, it is not a quick project, it may take a while to fully realize and get a substantial profit.

Telegram jasones1