Bitcoin Millennium - Don’t mind about drawbacks of Bitcoin Satoshi


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Jun 25, 2021

1. Bitcoin Millennium will satisfy the entire population of the globe in terms of numbers of BlockChain wallets

According to researching data, in 2021, the population is approximately 8 billion people and maybe doubles after 1000 years. However, currently, only 120 million Blockchain wallets have been downloaded, which are equivalent to 1% of the population that accesses and uses Cryptocurrencies. It is estimated that by the year 3000, the global population will be twice the current population, and all of them will be using Cryptocurrency payments via the internet.

Anonymous founding team relies on the 12-year history of cryptocurrency development (2009–2021) to come up with an efficient solution for human until 3000.

BITCOIN Millennium is a solution for the global population and connects with other planets. The number of supplies will satisfy according to the actual state of population growth and the ability to pay for life.

2. Bitcoin Millennium will offer a low starting price, ensuring everyone being able to own 1 BTC

The first country accepting Bitcoin at the national level shows that Bitcoin Satoshi is opening a pioneering step in the use of Crypto payment in the near future. The El Savador government offers $30 BTC to its people as a form of incentive for people to get used to using cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin Satoshi became too expensive for the average person to access cryptocurrency today. Bitcoin Millennium was born as a new solution to support everyone who wants to own Bitcoin with a low starting price.

Bitcoin Millennium wishes to bring real value to the community and make it easy for everyone to own.

3. Bitcoin Millennium offers the high level of security

Bitcoin Millennium is a cryptocurrency.

A special feature of Bitcoin Millennium is a decentralized management system, not subject to the management of a third party such as a central bank or an organization of any country. Therefore, the supply and value of

Bitcoin Millennium is managed by the users themselves, and its complex cryptographic protocols with high security help users optimize the experience and the level of safety in the transactions of the cryptocurrency market.

4. Bitcoin Millennium handles transaction speeds for hundreds of millions of TPS (Transaction processing system)

Our researching team has developed a protocol that gives users the fastest processing speed and processes many transactions at the same time.

5. Bitcoin Millennium ensures the principle of 100% decentralization

With a large ecosystem of Bitcoin Millennium, transparency is evident because users do not need to go through any middlemen. Code programs specify solution when disputes occur, and users always have the ability to control over where their money is, and what state their assets are in. On the bitcoin exchange, your transaction fee will be minimized about the costs associated with providing and using products, creating a smoother financial system.

DeFi applications are built on the foundation of Blockchains. They are open source. So it’s relatively easy to build multiple DeFi applications. Since the terms are all computer-coded, the transaction is secured by smart contracts. The use of smart contracts in DeFi reduces risks for both sellers and buyers on the world’s cryptocurrency exchange.

6. Bitcoin Millennium launches a diverse ecosystem to make payments easy

We want to create something new for the DeFi platform.

Bitcoin Millennium is proud to be the first blockchain project to bring many ecosystems conducting a fast transaction processing structure. The cost of decoding the chain according to a technologically improved process ensures payment to be simpler.

7. Bitcoin Millennium complies with principle of anti-money laundering of governments all over the world.

In the past, the theft of information by encryption to ransom Bitcoin on users’ transactions in the world of criminals and hackers frequently occurred. Nowadays, to prevent money laundering globally,

Bitcoin Millennium and the researching team build an optimal security system and comply with the principle of global government in order to ensure transparency in transactions.
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