Bitcoin Is a Safe Haven, and VDS Is Bitcoin’s Cash Flow


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Jul 19, 2019
Earlier this year, fears about the Middle East flared again after Iran fired rockets at the Assad Air Base in western Iraq’s Anbar Province, which is home to U.S. troops near the Syrian border, following the assassination of an Iranian major general by the U.S. After this news report, data showed gold prices opening at a seven-year high of $35, rising above $1,600 per ounce for the first time, while Bitcoin jumped to a new high of more than $8,400 in 2020. From economic blockades to trade wars to war strikes, Bitcoin is rising alongside gold and its safe-haven properties are becoming more apparent.

During the previous economic sanctions by the United States, centralized financial institutions in Iran have received international restrictions, the transfer of funds are under lots of obstacles and the domestic financial inflation rate is also high, therefore, Iranian citizens turned to decentralized cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin is the pioneer of crypto whose value has broad consensus and highest visibility, but its flow of funds remains stymied, although the Iranian government has acknowledged the legitimacy of Bitcoin and the ICO, tokens, cryptocurrency wallets, cryptocurrency exchanges and mining processes. However, the central bank of Iran still bans the use of global cryptocurrencies as a means of payment at home and bans Iranians from holding large amounts of crypto. In addition, Trump has banned exchanges in the United States from providing cryptocurrency services to Iran. Both governments have chosen to restrict the use of Bitcoin through centralized institutions, making it difficult for Iranian citizens to trade despite their Bitcoin holdings.

VDS is linked to Bitcoin through a resonance trade system, the one-way exchange of Bitcoin for Vollar. It is resonance trade that links the clever parts of VDS design with Bitcoin, providing a channel for the outflow of funds for Bitcoin and export of funds for people who need to avoid risks.

After exchanging Bitcoin to Vollar through resonance trade, you can exchange Vollar for any currency or security through OTC transactions within the anonymous network of VDS. If you want to make Bitcoin completely anonymous, transfer Vollar to an anonymous address after resonance trade, and then change it to the currency you want through OTC. VDS’s anonymity uses zero-knowledge proof to ensure that transactions are completely anonymous and cannot be queried. And the whole process, without going through an exchange or personal information authentication, requires only a very small amount of Vollar for the creation of a VID, which can open up the money outflow channel of Bitcoin and find the exit of the money in times of emergency.

VID is the pass in the whole ecosystem of VDS. With VID, we can participate in the decentralized OTC transactions, accessing the anonymous capital export of Bitcoin and opening up a source of capital inflow. VID is the identity symbol in VDS ecology. Links are maintained based on special transactions between VID addresses to form an ever-expanding fission network called Trust Stamp Network. This network is made up of countless trust pyramids, and each VID can receive fission rewards as he develops his network. This is a multi-level interpersonal promotion system that relies on transaction signature connections. The system is completely decentralized, and each VID in the Trust Stamp Pyramid gets corresponding rewards through direct or indirect promotion, which means that each VID can continuously benefit from the expansion of this pyramid. All promoters get rich profits, and more people joining it will expand the cash flow into the ecology and ultimately achieve a win-win situation for each participant. It not only gives better play to the safe-haven property of Bitcoin, but also indirectly provides a way for Bitcoin to appreciate.

The source of the capital inflow does not stop there. Bitcoin participating in the resonance trade will be returned to the players through a lottery. In every Game, 10 super master nodes serving VDS anonymous network and 20 VIDs participating in last Game’s fission will be randomly selected to receive Bitcoin rewards. Through rigorous logic design, VDS enables OTC, VID and Trust Stamp to form an interlocking and interactive system, which organically connects capital export and capital inflow through blockchain technology to form a sustainable cash flow system. While giving better play to the safe-haven nature of Bitcoin, the Trust Stamp will also bring a steady stream of profits and the huge rewards of Bitcoin and Vollar that may be obtained every Game. With the continuous expansion of the VDS ecosystem, its revenue will also expand infinitely. The link between Bitcoin and VDS ecosystem will lead every player to realize true wealth freedom.

Just like Bitcoin, VDS ecology is implemented on public chain, and cannot be shut down. Bitcoin is combined with VDS ecology through resonance trade and the whole process does not need to go through the centralized exchanges. Moreover, the whole ecology of VDS is completely decentralized, and will not be restricted by centralized institutions. VDS will always be the free channel of wealth for Bitcoin players and a continuous revenue multiplier. Today, when centralized finance is becoming even more fragile, we seek for new risk aversion tools in a decentralized world and also need to establish new cash flows. Cash flows serve as the supplies for the march whose importance is self-evident. While avoiding depreciation of your property, there can be new capital inflows to allow yourself the circulation of funds and truly achieve the ultimate wealth freedom.