Bitcoin Farmer - New economic farm simulator - Play game and earn BTC


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Nov 9, 2017
Hello Friends,
Welcome to the Bitcoin Farmer - project, where each user can make real money by playing the game!

Bitcoin Farmer - is a fascinating economic farm simulator with the possibility of earning real bitcoins.
Immediately after registration you will get 1 free field, 1 free hen house, 3 free chickens, 15 units of wheat and 5 meat pies. So, you can start playing without your own investments.

In our game everything is like in a real farmer's life! You must collect crops, feed animals, sell products on the market and in the store. Here you will find not only earnings, but also communication! Every farmer can choose his own way of development! You can breed animals, bake pies or even become a monopolist in a certain area! The game gives unlimited opportunities for development and earnings.
Thanks to a unique marketing plan and a thoughtful game system, our project can work forever. All financial transactions are carried out exceptionally between users, so the project has nothing like a financial pyramid scheme.

The game has a multi-level gradation. Therefore, in order to succeed, you must work hard. You can not just put money on your account and immediately become the owner of a huge farm. New features will gradually open with increasing levels of your character.

Our advantages:
Unique marketing plan;
Open project statistics; An opportunity to get acquainted and communicate;
Reliable and fast investment return;
Friendly technical support;
Stable and completely automated affiliate earnings;
Free daily bonuses;
Low min deposit/withdrawal amount



Nov 26, 2017
Has anyone tried playing already? It's just that I don't remember any such game that didn't shut down eventually.