Bitcoin Core v0.13.1 fork to show segwit tx


Sep 13, 2015
Is it possible to create a little fork of Bitcoin Core v0.13.1 that will show the segwit tx?

So users will know how much bitcoins are pure, and how much are segwit.
Only this, nothing else changed. Mainly a change on the interface and a new RPC call
User will see something like: [bitcoin address] [bitcoin amount] [pure bitcoin amount] [segwit bitcoin amount]

The user should be able to know what is receiving and choose what to send (segwit or not)

The best thing is that there will be two different values for this kind of coins.

It should be released before that the segwit activates.

The user agent must NOT be changed. It should remain the same as /Satoshi:0.13.1/
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