Bitcoin College Party Challenge


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Sep 19, 2019
I'm not sure where to post this but if this is not the right place can the moderator please move it to the right forum board.

Remember when you did a long week of classes and just wanted to relax and party on the weekends?
Remember the daily Roman noodles?
Rember when it was you and your friends turn to bring the beer?

Well Bitcoin Friends help us with our challenge as we are asking for your help for this weekends unwind and bind party!

Any bit, byte, or sash counts for our challenges total!

Yes, this is apart of a crazy college house challenge which is our house vs their house. We chose our Bitcoin Friends to reach out to, to help crush the other house.

Last week was there house and it was old crumbly uncle sam dollars they collected, only made enough for 5 - 24 packs. Over 100 people at these partys show and go. Sheesh we had to help buy beer, though it doesn't count towards our weekend/this weekend!!

So, It's Bitcoin vs. Uncle Sam. - Old vs. New - Delta House vs. 3 Others!
Who will win?

Help us Keg it, Decorate it, and turn it in to the Party of the Year!


Ohh by the way, Bitcoin ATM right by the campus!

"In advance, thank you! We are very busy throughout the week with classes and tons of work. Replying will be a bit slow but, we will post the results and most likely pictures of the fun we had. The Bitcoin symbol will be a door stamp so, if you read this and came to the party this weekend, leave a reply!! If you do happen to donate to our challange or even just support what were doing, we appreciate it so much! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Yes, we are all over 21! By us choosing Bitcoin as our challenging currency we are proving it is a bigger broader way to reach out to a community safely and on a larger scale. The Bitcoin community sticks together and that's why we chose to reach out to our friends here! Again, Thank You, and donation address is below".


If we don't reply before the party, we will reply Sunday afternoon. We have posted this on other forums and social media and have gave a different bitcoin addresses so we can see which site contributed what so, if there is anything left we can donate back to the community. Thank You!