Bitcoin Cash rebranding


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Jul 25, 2017
Bitcoin Cash is actually a good thing in my opinion:

  • It allows grassroots, all-on-chain Bitcoiners to preserve "their" coin with the same blockchain technology that has been running Bitcoin from the start, without Segwit and/or Lightning/sidechains kicking in

  • It allows more institutional, industry big players to carry on with their expansion/extension plan for Bitcoin (Core). Segwit, Lightning and side chains in general are a good thing IMO, they put Bitcoin on par with Ethereum and help solve many parts of the blockchain scalability issues: no one could argue that raising the block size forever is a fix to the quadratic problem of tx verification costs, etc.

However, what bothers me is the name (and logo) Bitcoin Cash that I find confusing. I totally get the idea of claiming the name Bitcoin, as in "genuine" Bitcoin, for legacy and/or continuity. But for everyone that was not involved in the crypto world before August 1, the ambiguity of the names "Bitcoin (Core)" and "Bitcoin Cash" will undoubtedly be confusing at best. Both will claim to be the "original", with both being right to some extent when arguing from different perspectives.

Anyone else thinks Bitcoin Cash needs rebranding? I mean name and logo here.

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Dec 16, 2015
The moniker strongly identifies what this fork is about : Bitcoin as peer-to-peer electronic cash.

The logo is quite distinct and recognizable, resembling a bank note with the familiar Bitcoin symbol, although slanted the opposite way.

There are a few sites unfortunately who have used modified versions this logo, for example omitting the borders, which made it less distinct and may have contributed to confusing others.

Not to mention there was an organized campaign - which continues - to rebrand Bitcoin Cash in a hostile fashion (I am talking about the "BCash" faction which set up the misdirecting resources at four days prior to the fork and on the day of the fork .

I will stick to recommending use of the project's chosen name and logo , although of course anyone is free to suggest improvements.
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