Bitcoin bubble will pop

Crypto Kris

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May 4, 2019
Bitcoin bubble will pop
The euphoria over the cryptocurrency called bitcoin is at times phenomenal. The price of a single bitcoin in 2009 was just a few cents, fast-forward to 2019 and the price of a single bitcoin is nearing $6000. But just as night follows day, each boom in the price of bitcoin has been followed by a massive crash period. Eventually all bubbles pop. The 2018 bitcoin bubble was a spectacular crash, each bitcoin was worth $20,000 at its peak, and then the dreaded bitcoin bubble popped and sent the price of bitcoin crashing back to earth at a trough of $3000. That is why I believe that investing in bitcoin is very dangerous. A wise investment decision is to find a cryptocurrency that has already crashed in value, that way your capital will be safe, and you can expect the price of the crypto to rise significantly over a shorter period of time, almost like a snap-back response to the crash. I have found one such cryptocurrency that has crashed and is now in recovery mode. The crypto is called canyacoin (CAN). Canyacoin (CAN) reached its peak price in early 2018 of over $5.25usd, its current price is just under 3 cents usd as of the filming of this video, dated May 8th. 2019. So as you can clearly see Canyacoin (CAN) has had a dramatic reduction on price and is now overdue for a massive upside swing. I predict that Canyacoin (CAN) will reach new all-time highs very shortly. Now let’s just recap this video, investing in a bitcoin bubble is just plain stupidity, but investing in a cryptocurrency that has already crashed and is now in recovery mode like Canyacoin (CAN) is a wiser investment choice.