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Nov 24, 2017


[size=12pt] There has been introduced a new game platform with several options of Butcoin games. Withdrawing of money, earned by you in the process of playing and bonuses charging are performed immediately on a daily basis during the working ours of the platform from 10 am to 2 am.
Every day there will be published reports about money withdrawal, charged bonuses and the list of the most active participants of a referral system and winners. [/size]​

Features and reviews of a game platform:

Game "Coin"

This game is based on the principle of the game “Head-Tail” where participants play vs each other. Before playing you are to register on a site, indicating some personal data. Afterwards you will choose Head or Tail and the stake, which is suitable for you. Then the system will find an appropriate opponent. You can watch the game on the main page. All the games occur in real time and you can see who you play against, what side the coin falls as well as the results of the game.
In the beginning of the game you can see HASH and when the game comes to an end you will be issued a key, which you can check in any MDM 5 or on the site in the section HASH. When you verify the key, HASH, which will give you the result, must coincide with the HASH provided by the game. Thus, it means that the game is absolutely clear and fair. Also you can check any other games on the platform. All the games will be shown in the main table and absolutely open for you. According to the results of the game you will be charged a commission. You can stake as long as your balance equals zero. A game can be canceled or left. A game will be waiting for the opponent as long as you cancel it yourself.
Game "BITX"

The game with the system BITX. You are to choose the amount of the stake and a number you want to multiply. While playing this game you are not supposed to be charged with the commission.

Bonus program
Till January 31st Bonus Program is twice bigger and you get 2% of the funds of your team!

- You get 1% from the sum of the money, your team plays with. ! Till January 31st you will get 2%!
- Bonuses are charged every day after midnight on a real account and you will be able to withdraw it. Also we have the prizes for the most active participant as for the the number of invitation during the day and the month and the participant as for the amount of stakes during the day and the month.
- The table will show the information about the sum you played during the day and the month as well as the most active participants.
- All the participants can use the chat on the game platform


For all questions, please contact us by Email: 10.00-2.00​

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Nov 24, 2017

More about our platform read here Official forum thread.

Game platform competition BITCOIN BATTLE

For getting reward in the competition sign up for our social webs Facebook and Twitter
Each participant has to share with his friends 1 link from all our social webs and has to submit a report in our topic.
Live prize awarding will be held on 31 of january on our channel Youtube


On each page Facebook and Twitter will be held an individual toss up with the following prizes:

1. Facebook - 300 NEM
2. Twitter - 100 RIPPLE

For registration in the competition you should submit the following information in our topic
Bitcointalk Username:
Facebook Account Link:
Twitter Account Link:

Facebook Repost Link:
Twitter Retweet  Link: