Bitcoin ABC incoming connections on alternative port?


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Dec 23, 2017
I'm running a Bitcoin Cash (BCH/BCC) full node on Bitcoin ABC software on Linux. I need to host incoming connections on an alternative TCP port (not 8333) behind NAT, since I also host a Bitcoin (BTC) full node on port 8333 on same public WAN IP address.

I set an alternative port in bitcoin.conf file for Bitcoin ABC.

With netstat, I can see Bitcoin ABC process (e.g., task) is successfully listening on the alternative port. It has a full set of outgoing connections to other Bitcoin Cash peers on the internet.

After many hours running in full sync I have not received even 1 packet incoming to the alternative port on the Bitcoin ABC host. Port forwarding of incoming traffic from WAN through NAT to alternative port on Bitcoin ABC host is setup successfully.

Any troubleshooting suggestions?
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