Bitcoin’s Price Support


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Jul 19, 2019
VDS is a dark horse in the cryptocurrency market at the beginning of 2019 with its decentralized, ecological vision of bringing everyone real freedom. The depressing crypto industry was ignited by the VDS’s characteristics of anonymity and privacy. Bitcoin stopped its continuous drop when VDS got released in February, and rose by 68% when VDS ushered into its first bull market. Is it a coincidence? Or is VDS more closely related to BTC?

This starts with the relationship between VDS and BTC. VDS initiated Resonance Trade system to allow Bitcoin players to perform a decentralized transaction process through cross-chain method. After converting BTC assets to Vollar, there comes more options. Through VDS, BTC users can regain the privacy of their BTC assets. In the anonymous transaction of Resonance Trade and Zero-knowledge Proof and the distributed decentralized exchanges, BTC is completely set free from the monitoring of centralized institutions. In the context of centralized penetration, this is already an urgent need for Bitcoin players, which means that VDS offers BTC a truly free and secure exit. In addition, there’s more room for Bitcoin players to participate in VDS ecology. Resonance Trade alone provides plenty of room for Bitcoin players to make a profit.

Vollar is in high demands in its process of rapid development, whether it is the revenue of building super master nodes, development of smart contract, or expansion of the Trust Stamp network. More BTC will be resonated into Vollar when there are bigger demands in the ecology. In this process, the decrease of resonance level determines the increase in resonance price, which will cast influence as the dominant factor in the market, enabling Vollar to have a higher ROI. Eco-builders can set up super master nodes to serve the network, and have long-term value-added income in the process.

From the design point of VDS and the resonance system, it is not difficult to find out its close correlation with BTC. VDS not only provides Bitcoin holders with a secure and free privacy channel, but also allows BTC to play a greater role in the value. Therefore, the development process of VDS is bound to have a positive impact on the BTC market. BTC will flow through VDS ecology at multiple rounds, as an incentive to stimulate redevelopment. Equitable distribution mechanisms are also an essential prerequisite for long-term development.

VDS raised 4,500 BTC at its launch. Many Bitcoin holders believe in its value and the feasibility of solving the current dilemma, even the developer who has mined the 270th block of Bitcoin is involved. It seems that VDS has been inseparable from Bitcoin since its inception. Throughout the price curve, VDS and BTC also have a high degree of overlap. BTC hit its final low and stopped a bear market that had lasted nearly a year as VDS went online. In early May, VDS rose by 55% in a single day, and Bitcoin rose by 17% the next day. By the end of June, volume of VID day-create hit 190,000, at the same time, BTC reaches the highest price of the year.

Many are not coincidences, but the conclusions of repeated verifications. VDS provides a more secure privacy space for BTC and opens a whole new chapter of development for Bitcoin holders, targeting highly overlapping market participants through resonance and series of mechanisms. The overlap of user groups also indicates that the two groups have almost the same sense of market and therefore made the same judgments.

The design concept of VDS’s pursuit of freedom and decentralization is highly consistent with the spirit of Bitcoin, and they complement each other in the path of decentralization.

And the interaction between VDS and BTC may not be limited to price movements in the future. Due to low transaction speed and lack of application scenarios, Bitcoin has long been regarded as “digital gold” and can only serve as a reserve. However, the development of VDS ecosystem is more inclined to the diversity of application scenarios, such as anonymous transaction, secret chat, expansion of the Trust Stamp, smart contract, etc. VDS has mapped out and integrated interpersonal communication, free finance, business connection, consumer capital, application landing, and networking freedom, to form a decentralized consensus ecosystem of interconnection and interaction. Resonance Trade connects VDS with BTC and provides BTC with more application space. Especially now that Bitcoin transactions are becoming more and more transparent, the anonymity of Bitcoin network has also become a false proposition. Through Resonance Trade together with anonymous transaction, Bitcoin can relive its original vision of anonymous privacy. Through the combination of chain-business and Trust Stamp, Bitcoin has a new direction of circulation and will no longer be used only as a storage asset. When VDS truly becomes the link between virtual and reality, space and time, and by the time when the decentralized consensus ecosystem is completed, Bitcoin will also realize its original vision of decentralization and freedom of privacy. BTC enlightens the direction of VDS, and VDS in return will expand the spirit of Bitcoin to the wilder world.