BIP38 paper wallet generator..


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Aug 28, 2015
Bit bored this afternoon watching the rugby so I made a bip38 paper wallet generator in python.

I have to say it is fun using python with bitcoin thanks to the ease of installing modules (libraries) that have already been created by brainier souls than me (bip38, pybitcointools and PIL).

The code is pretty basic but it creates a BIP 38 address either from a randomly generated private key or a supplied private key and a given passphrase, then spits out a jpeg with QR codes for the bip38 address and the bitcoin address. They both scan with blockchain and mycelium. The passphrase for the example output below is ‘lklsdflsdkflj’

It basically does what i wanted mycelium entropy to do (but doesn't, nor do i trust the damn thing)

Anyone wants the .py file let me know (and i can clean it up :))
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Aug 19, 2015
This is pretty cool. Maybe I should start watching rugby so I can have ideas like that come to me too.
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