Beware of UNI airdrop BitfinexWhale Joe007 scam


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Mar 12, 2021
Telegram public channel (currently named BitfinexWhale Joe007 🐳 Main Channel) offers it's users UNI airdrop promotion:

Current UNI market price: $31.5
But you may buy direct from Whale Joe Morgan for $12- $18 per UNI.
If you buy from 0.5 BTC you get $15 rate. From 1 BTC - $12.
Why Do We Sell UNI below the market price?
  1. Promotion. We sell UNI to promote the channel.
  2. Limits. Joe Morgan 🐳 is an early UNI investor who invested 20M at $2 per UNI but signed an agreement with sell limits. According to the agreement he cannot sell during 3 years via exchanges but we may resell to small investors via OTC or outside exchanges. This is only chance for him to sell and fix the profit. Nobody will buy at market prices so we sell much cheaper.
Limited program. Requires minimum BTC amount to be approved. To know limits write to u/ElizaManager.
Reviews of clients:

To buy UNI rate please send your UNI wallet address & BTC balance to u/ElizaManager

BEWARE as it's scam to steal your BTC. After transfering BTC to 18x3cX5TqqFMUZK8Y5jHS4hBozd6r5RwUp they don't transfer any UNI to agreed ER20 UNI wallet address and instead they force you to pay another 20% of already transferred BTC to gain even more scammed BTC.

I already reported their scam operation to Interpol and FTC so hopefully they will get caught.