Bet On is a scam!!!


New Member
Jan 21, 2018
they have an Youtube channel(now they close it),
using it to give some trick video to catch people's attentions.
and then they started to offer some invest programs,
period for 7 days,
saying that the profit is guaranteed,
and showing their wallet condition to you.
after that they secretly change the words they use"guaranteed" in their website.
it change into some policy and terms that is totally unfair and only good for them, including saying that if they close the website suddenly, it's their right.
and before they run away,
they will ask you to wait your payment until Sunday(which should be paid on Thursday or something like that).
and till Sunday(not even till Sunday, it's only Saturday),
they will tell you that they have been hacked and can't give your payment to you!
the interesting thing is that they say the wallet has been hacked and out of their control, but they still can pay some "compensate money" from the wallet? that's very interesting!
you can easily find out who own the website by the internet(ex. Facebook),
don't trust any of these people and any program or website if you see their name on it.
they are doing scam thing!