Best Pool EMCD Multipool Gate SHA256 (PPS +, AsicBoost)


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Jun 27, 2018
The beginning of the way
The basis of our beliefs is based on a vision that was provided by the creator of Bitcoin along with open
source code. Centralized power management now allows Chinese conglomerates
pools that own more than 70% of the capacity of the entire network - manipulate the course and increase
costs of miners, as well as increase network commissions and take them to yourself. For the future of the whole
the cryptocurrency information technology industry we want to protect the community of miners and
ordinary users from this threat. Whether it works out with us or not depends on the miners who
Confirming their confidence in our mission, they send their power to our servers.

We have been mining cryptocurrencies for more than 4 years
The main parameters when choosing a pool for us were: stability and regularity of payments, low ping,
honesty and highest profitability. Thanks to the fact that we made the product for ourselves - we had a clear
a vision of what others lack. We saw the ups and downs of other pools, we analyzed them
actions and this allowed us to avoid mistakes. The pool operates on the principle of profit-switcher when
alternative cryptocurrencies are becoming more profitable - the power is partially switched to them. In those
moments when Bitcoin is more profitable - all the power goes to the BTC network

✓ Maximum profit
Thanks to AsicBoost and ProfitSwitcher technology, we switch between coins and pay more
other pools

✓ Pending payout
We pay every day at 5:30 UTC (8:30 Moscow time) without a minimum threshold.

✓ 24/7 support
We respond to any calls and messages. In our chat you can get answers to any questions
that you have.

✓ We are open
We regularly release updates and accept all feedback in order to improve the quality of service.

✓ Downtime Compensation
If our pool was not available and the machines were threshing at idle, we will compensate you for the downtime (only for massive problems)

Just a step
To use the service, you must register at: and configure
your equipment:

Stratum Russia: gate.emcd.iohaps333,
Stratum Europe: eu.emcd.iohaps333,
Stratum China: ch.emcd.iohaps333,

worker: login.worker

password: any password

Calculation of daily allowance is from 0:00 to 23:59 GMT (UTC), the daily allowance is paid at 5:30 am
GMT. Our servers are located in different countries and we use load balancing
link to the pool