Best DeFi Lending Platforms in 2022


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Best DeFi Lending Platforms in 2022
Before we get to the node of our review, let's first move on to listing the best platforms we've come across in our previous research for DeFi lending . Thus, you will have a broad overview from the beginning of the guide:

  1. Defi Swap . This is hands down the best DeFi lending platform in the market for 2022.
  2. AQRU . If you are looking for a much better known and active broker in almost the whole world, this is your option. You will be able to lend your idle tokens (Bitcoin-BTH- and Ethereum-ETH-) to earn a good percentage of interest.
  3. . Through this platform we can choose between several accounts exclusively designed for DeFi loans . It's always good to have more than one option.
  4. Nexus . Here you will find the highest interest rates on the market for DeFi loans . We are talking that by the time we are writing this article, the rate is at 17% for stablecoins .
  5. Binance . Well, this is the largest platform in the world of cryptocurrencies, here we can find everything, including DeFi Development Company for large, medium and small capitalization coins.