Best CeFi platforms to earn interest on your crypto


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Mar 23, 2021
Now almost everyone knows about crypto saving, which helps you to generate passive income on your assets without actively trading them. Here is my personal list of the CeFi platforms that are safe and will help you to earn interest on crypto:

BlockFi is one of the oldest CeFi players on this market. BlockFi offers low-cost USD loans secured with crypto and various interest-earning saving products. The APY typically varies from 3 to 9% for the main coins. BlockFi is regulated at the federal and state level in the United States and has a huge global userbase. Recently, BlockFi has secured a $350 million round D investment and lifted its valuation to $3 billion.
Delio is probably the least famous on this list (maybe because they started supporting English only recently), but it gives users the biggest APY for BTC and ETH. Delio APY varies from 10% to 12% for major coins, they also provide their DUCATO token as a bonus. Delio also offers its lending service together with Bithumb, which is the biggest Korean crypto exchange.
Nexo is another example of a CeFi platform that offers high interest to its users. Crypto holders can earn up to 5%-10% of APY on their assets. You can also borrow a needed asset, Nexo accepts 18 cryptocurrencies as collateral. Nexo is a member of Swiss Fintech and SFTA and has a strong reputation as a reliable and safe platform for global users.

Which platform do you use?


Jun 11, 2021
Many platforms are popping up everyday for yield farming, make sure to do your own research and understand the risks before investing in them.