Best Bitcoin Generator 2019!


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Aug 18, 2019
Tutorial YouTube Video :

*Who are we ?

TheBitNet started as a small group of hackers making trojan-miners in 2015, We had our own working zombie-network and we were mining Monero (XMR)... Now we have a sophisticated big botnet behind us capable of doing a lot of things!

*Can Bitcoin be hacked ?

Bitcoin itself ? the short answer is No.

Bitcoin wallets ? The answer to that is without a doubt Yes! Any bitcoin private key that is stored online is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and can be hacked. We use our Botnet to exploit those vulnerabilities and generate private keys!

Does this mean my online wallet is not safe ? You can strengthen your security by 2fa, second password ect... but there's always a risk with a Web/Online/Mobile wallets as those wallets are hosted in servers and any server can get attacked no matter how secure it is... If you want a 100% safe bitcoin wallet, try hardware wallets (Trezor, Ledger) or cold storage wallets (Paper wallet, offline data storage...)

*Will my computer get infected if I use the Bitcoin Hacker ?

Nice question ha! We did a lot of trojans before in our "free" programs! Because nothing in life is actually free ;)
No worries! The Bitcoin Hacker is not one of those free programs. We've been developing it for years and it has its price (650 USD)

My antivirus flag the Bitcoin Hacker as malware ? Ofcourse it does! Your antivirus software doesn't want you to make some bitcoins! LOL! Actually many antivirus sotwares erroneously flag programs as malwares (this is called a false positive) Anyway, we've tested our Bitcoin Hacker on many AV softwares, it bypasses most of them (AVG, Avast, Kaspersky ect...) you can upload the file on VirusTotal and check yourself!

Can someone else hack my computer if I use the Bitcoin Hacker ? The Bitcoin Hacker uses a very advanced encryption system, your computer will be safe! you can make a special machine just for the Bitcoin Hacker or use a trusted VPN if you're still concerned!

*If you can hack bitcoin wallets, why are you selling your hacking-tool, why not use it yourself ?

Because we are cashing out all hacked bitcoin wallets, and cashing many wallets at once would raise high suspicion. We had our problems with the authorities before, and we don't wanna make the same mistake again! Cashing out a lot of money raises serious suspicion. It's better business for us to make a product with a fixed price and sell it to individuals.

Does this mean I can get in legal problems if I use your program ? Well, if you are cashing out big amount of money, you need to somehow find a safe way to do it. If you hack any rich bitcoin wallet users, they will most likely report this to their wallet support service, and they will ask authorities to track all your transactions (They can only track and wait for you to cash out to know who you are) you are 100% safe if you keep your bitcoins.