Belgium has 8 Bitcoin ATM machines


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Sep 24, 2018
Hello, everyone, I have a news.
In Belgium, there are total 8 Bitcoin ATM machine.

In Antwerp 3 ATMs
In Brussels 2 ATMs
In Ghent 1 ATM
In Hasselt 1 ATM
In Sint-Truiden 1 ATM

Belgium has set a marvelous example. This is a milestone achievement. This will certainly enhance the scope of bitcoins as a part and parcel of the mainstream payment system. This indicates that the day is not far when Bitcoins will replace fiat currency as a conventional mode of payment. This is turning out to be true in the case of advanced economies but developing economies are still grappling with the idea of accepting Bitcoins as part of their economy. These developing economies are failing to understand the economic benefits of incorporating Bitcoins in their financial system. These economies need to understand the importance of having an easy, quick, cheap and most importantly a highly secured value storing digital currency. The only challenge with Bitcoins is that it needs to stabilize and this is where such economies are becoming suspicious of accepting Bitcoins. As far as issues like terror financing and black money laundering are concerned, such activities are anyway carried out through other channels also. So one cannot single out the use of Bitcoins for all the illegal activities taking place on the financial front.