BCC has fallen


Jan 7, 2018
Historically speaking, the Bitconnect coin, BCC, was fairly stable and maintained a growth quite similar to bitcoin.

With most of the BCC files closed in exchange for the company, the founders can always make a scheme to exit the market or get behind bars. Millions of dollars will remain stuck in the BCC and will lose any value.

Herefore, the prophecy is fulfilled now. CoinMarketCap is seen as having zero transaction volume on the platform over the past 60 hours, where it is still listed at $ 290. On other platforms, such as Coinexchange, traded volumes are 1.26 million and the currency has dropped to $ 8 before returning to $ 25 at the time of publication. CoinMarketCap has had controversy for having hosted Bitconnect commercials in the past. Instead, Coincodex chose to post a notice encouraging users to avoid.

Some observers in the crypto community are delighted with the disappearance of Bitconnect. We must not forget that the exchange also made victims. Due to their marketing strategy, including referral schemes, they have taken advantage of beginners who do not understand the differences between legitimate currencies and fast-growing schemes.