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Barter Smartplace

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Aug 6, 2021
Searching for a marketplace to trade your NFT? We have the best terms you can find in crypto!

Thousands of people are concerned about high fees for selling or buying NFTs. We offer our own unique suggestions for the NFT market!

Every user is important to us and we continue making our terms and options even more friendly for our loyal community

Why should you choose Barter Smartplace?

Read our benefits and you will get rid of any doubts 👇

💎 Create your own NFT just for $1 BNB + 10 $BRTR
💎 Buy and sell any NFT with 0.02% fee
💎 We are deployed on Binance Smart Chain
💎 Tokenize both: digital and real assets
💎 Build your own NFT collection
💎 $BRTR is listed on a CEX 👉 LAtoken and on a DEX 👉 BakerySwap
💎 Grant agreement with Velas blockchain
💎 24/7 Telegram Bot provides staking, trading, referral program and various game
💎 Regular events and rewards for loyal users
💎 Staking program on LAtoken
💎 All necessary guides and regular reports on Medium
💎 Friendly English-speaking community

Do you still have any questions? We are up to answer them and help you trade your assets with fast and secure transactions and the lowest fees!

Join our Telegram chat, subscribe on our Twitter and Facebook pages, stay tuned in Instagram and enjoy profitable options in BarterWalletBot 💰

Trade NFTs or create your own ones through Barter Smartplace 👉

Barter Smartplace

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Aug 6, 2021
Barter Smartplace Trading Competition Round 3 was already launched on August 16!

The number of traders and BRTR holders has grown since the previous round! Round 3 is going to be really hot 🔥

The LAtoken exchange started the third Trading Competition. Participate, become one of the hugest traders, and get a guaranteed reward 🤩

All eligible traders will get a share of $4,000 in BRTR tokens 💰

⚠ Trade a minimum amount of 1000 BRTR tokens ⚠

Start: 16 August 2021 15:00 UTC
End: 08 September 2021 12:00 UTC
Distribution: 08 September 2021 12:00 UTC

Take part here:

Barter Smartplace — cheap, fast, secure!