Banks Are Never There When You Need Them - That's Why We Need Bitcoin


Jul 2, 2019
Many people believe that the banks are never there when you need them - that's why we need Bitcoin. This idea became a subject of discussion when a Twitter user, by the name Nassim Nicholas Taleb, decided to express his frustration on the social media platform.

Taleb’s tweet was in response to an original message on Twitter that was posted by news outfit, The Daily Star Lebanon. This tweet quoted a top banking official who stated that banking operations in Lebanon will resume fully when the ongoing crisis in the nation ends. This leaves bank users frustrated, one of which is Taleb, hence his venting on Twitter.

Taleb’s reply attracted a lot of attention, leading to a discussion where several other Twitter users voiced their opinions in the comparison between banks and Bitcoin. Many of the opinions simply explained the deficiencies in the banking sector that Bitcoin has come to solve. Some of them are listed below.

Accessibility Problems

Banks in many parts of the world are open only on weekdays. Even though internet banking and other electronic banking systems now make it possible to access some services outside these periods. With Bitcoin, there is no day or night, neither is there weekends or public holidays. Transactions happen round the clock and across the globe.

Here is what the responder had to say:

Faulty Lending Systems

Another user faulted the lending systems of banks and identified it as one of the problems that Bitcoin is going to fix. This is in support of the point that banks are never there when you need them - that's why we need Bitcoin. He responded with a popular quote by Bob Hope;

“A bank is a place that will lend you money if you can prove that you don't need it.”

The lending system by banks is faulted by many. Just like the quote above, before you are able to access loan facilities from most banks, you must produce a collateral with a higher value than the funds needed. Apart from that, the rigorous checks and research ahead of loan issuance could last for some weeks or even months in some cases. Today, there are Bitcoin lending platforms where you can access loans instantly.

Infrastructural deficiency

Another user highlighted the problems encountered with bank’s ATMs:

These are the kind of problems that you will not have when making transactions using BItcoin and cryptocurrencies. For many people, especially those who are already familiar with using Bitcoin or other kinds of cryptocurrencies, such limitations can be really frustrating.


Prior to this, the problem that most people have had when using Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is the problem of accessibility. This used to be a unique problem especially for first timers who are yet to purchase their first Bitcoin.

Recently, this barrier has become a thing of the past with platforms like Vertex.Market that have simplified the entry point for Bitcoin users, and those of other cryptocurrencies. On the Vertex platform you can easily buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using one of their 25 payment options. It is a peer-to-peer platform and the transactions are quick and straightforward, with Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies deposited directly into your wallet.

The flexibility and efficiency that Bitcoin offers is a major reason why those who make comparisons insist that banks are never there when you need them - that's why we need Bitcoin. However, several other benefits exist, such as security, cross-border efficiency, elimination of trust and transparency.