Baikal Miner Scam


New Member
Jan 14, 2018
Hi everyone,

I have sent email to for buy X10.
They answered me pre-order is over now.

So far everything is normal,
Then after 18 days, interestingly someone sent email to me like at below from name : baikal from (domain scam)

"We ready to place your order for baikal miner giant B, please send the
following data in order to complete your order :"

And i filled all informations then sent email, they have sent quote and we paid 1.5584 BTC to them.

We just communicated with the baikal company. We are suspecting indirectly the Baikal Miner company.

Please be careful, We cant find any contact with our problem.

If anybody interest our problem i will send all emails.


Best regards