B1.cash - digital economy built in a messenger


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Mar 28, 2018
B1.CASH is the quintessence of the years of work spent by developers from “COX ENTERPRISE” on designing and modernizing the cutting-edge information systems and business processes.

The Platform, which is to be launched at the end of March, is a financial aggregator that provides users with a single application to manage their finances and conduct a great variety of operations, such as: instant P2P money transfer, trading on Cryptocurrency Exchange, insurance, making use of alternative and providing own financial services via implicated Open API.

B1.CASH allows you to easily operate your bank accounts and cards, e-money and cryptocurrencies in the most convenient way. Every user can both add an existing account to the system and quickly create a new e-money or crypto wallet within the Platform in just a few seconds.

Any of the available accounts can be used for trading on Crypto Exchange, which has a number of advantages over the similar services:

⁃ Direct connection to 20 blockchain ledgers through cold wallets

⁃ Diversification of trading operations allows you to create any currency pairs

⁃ Minor operation fee – 0.1%

⁃ Your funds are always on your personal account and can be used at any time

⁃ Purchase form the order book with just a click

⁃ Responsive support handling requests within 3 (!) minutes

⁃ Secure withdrawal of funds through video verification

Integration with independent service providers allows the Platform to create innovative offers and provide exclusive insurance services. Thus, B1.CASH users can insure the chosen cryptocurrency from depreciation and get a guaranteed compensation for lost value if, after the expiration of the insurance period, the rate of the insured asset is below the permissible threshold.

The Platform provides technical implementation and secure direct P2P transactions between users, including exchange matters. Smart notification system and adaptive search radius allow to find a transactor in a few seconds, while ratings and reviews weed out unscrupulous transactors and improve the overall level of services provided.

In the middle of May B1.CASH introduces its own cryptocurrency Bitcoin ONE resulting from the Bitcoin payment system hardfork at block 525,000. Launching own cryptocurrency is a necessity realized by the developers of the Platform, due to the presence of transaction fees and the overall low speed of transaction processing on the cryptocurrency market. Implementation of hybrid processing is designed to ensure up to 1 million transactions per second with Bitcoin ONE without charging any fees. Moreover, Bitcoin ONE will become the one and only cryptocurrency secured by the issue of material coins and notes with different protection features and tied to users’ IDs in the system.

The company philosophy is not limited to providing the widest possible range of financial services. The mission of the Platform is to become an effective tool for interaction and communication between users, therefore B1.CASH is a full-featured messenger with free audio and video calls, detailed profiles and, of course, instant money transfer right within chats.

Expect B1.CASH app on Google Play and App Store, as well as web release www.b1.cash on March 30, 2018.