Avalon A821 for sale


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Jan 11, 2018
Hello friends.
A 821 SELL !!!!!!!!!!
I have stupided my wife and my account. And, by mistake, has come to buy 10 pieces of Avalon A821. I should have only bought 1 piece.
And Cryptouniverse will not refund when payment has been made.
There is not much peace in the house right now. We stand and have a lot of bills to be paid here after New Year (housing tax, insurance and the like)
The Avalon A821 costs about 4100 Euro per piece. That's what I paid via Paypal.
Or a total of € 41,242.4 (includes € 8,248.48 20% AT VAT).
I simply have to get some money in quickly to pay our bills.
Therefore, I sell the 8 pieces.
They are following.
1 A821
1 AUC3
1 Controller
+ cables from psu to mines as well as controls for AUC3
There is no internet cable and power cord included in the package.
I am willing to sell a little cheaper than the 4100 EURO, to get money quickly.
But do not be bothering me with bids that are ridiculous.
I can send them when I have them (28 January - 9 February)
Or they can be picked up here on Samsø (an island) here in Denmark.
Only serious inquiries will be answered to my mail
We of course have the transfer and confirmation of the purchase, which can be mailed by mail
Thanks in advance