Atlantis CEX - Ongoing Airdrop!


New Member
Jan 11, 2022
Thought I would post this since I haven't yet on this forum. This is a project I found back in November which is nearing completion.

Atlantis CEX is a relatively new central exchange, and they are airdropping tokens to people who create an account on their website. Each account receives 3000 tokens, and it is open to US residents. I am not big on airdrops but the site looked clean and the popularity is what really caught my attention. So many people were signing up that the website was constantly down and it took me multiple frustrating tries to get an account made. I'd honestly say it's worth it because it only needs your email and a password, and who knows how much the airdrop might be worth in the future. I believe development is nearing completion, as they have stated trading will start as soon as the airdropped coins are fully distributed. If any of you sign up, please kindly use this referral code [ A0031484080 }.

Thanks for your time !