Atheios - A PoW Ethereum network with no premine


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Oct 8, 2017

We are developing Atheios to be a stable Proof of Work platform based on Ethereum and Ubiq. Atheios will be a brand new blockchain containing no premine, or ICO.

We currently have a working Testnet up and running. Join our community on Discord! We would love to hear your ideas, get your feedback, and your help testing before launching the Mainnet.

Technical Details

Algorithm: Dagger Hashimoto
Block Time: 22 seconds approx
Block Reward: See Monetary Policy below
Premine: 0
RPC Server Port: 8696
Websocket RPC Server Port: 8697
Network Listening Port: 30696
Network Discovery Port: 30697
Network ID: update_after_launch
Chain ID: update_after_launch (EIP 155 Replay Attack Protection compliant)
Forked from Gubiq v1.5.12
Ubiq Flux Difficulty Algo.

Relevant Links

Website: (not yet ready)
Web Wallet:
Dev Pool:
Discord Invite:

Mainnet Launch

We are currently targeting mid to late May, or possibly sometime in June, for Mainnet launch. Our goal is not to rush this out the door. We want to make sure everything is thoroughly tested and working as intended first.

All planning and coordination for our Mainnet launch will take place in our Discord server.

Pre-Launch Roadmap

Setup Website
Create Logo, Banners, and Branding
Setup Testnet Bootnode - COMPLETE
Setup Explorer - COMPLETE
Setup Dev Pool - COMPLETE
Setup Web Wallet - COMPLETE
Setup Netstats - COMPLETE
Setup Graphite - COMPLETE
Setup Grafana - COMPLETE
Setup Prometheus - COMPLETE
gath tested on Testnet - COMPLETE
Desktop Wallet working on Testnet - COMPLETE
AtheiosMask working on Testnet - COMPLETE
Compile Mainnet version of gath
Setup Official US Mainnet Bootnode
Setup Official EU Mainnet Bootnode
Setup Official Asia Mainnet Bootnode

Post-Launch Roadmap

Finalize and release Desktop Wallet
Finalize and release AtheiosMask Wallet
Fork, work on, and possibly contribute to Shokku / Infura projects
Work on DAPPS; games powered by Atheios
Work on exchange listings
Work on long term roadmap.

Monetary Policy

The Atheios dev fund will be used to help strengthen and expand the network. This will include paying out bounties to community members, giveaways, and exchange listings.

You can see the current status of the Dev Fund wallet here:

Outgoing Transactions made from the Dev Fund will be recorded here:


We currently do not have a website, but there is a Bounty available for its development. See below for more details.


The Atheios Web Wallet (fork of MyEtherWallet) is currently available on Testnet if you would like to create a wallet before Mainnet launch.

The Atheios Desktop Wallet is scheduled to be released sometime after Mainnet launch.

The AtheiosMask Wallet is scheduled to be released sometime after Mainnet launch.

Block Explorer

You can access our Block Explorer via the following two URLs: or

Stats and Metrics

You can view our network stats here:

You can view our custom metrics here:

Mining Pools

Dev Pool:

Mining Instructions

To mine on the dev pool, you can find further instructions here:

If you are a pool op, please contact us on Discord to get added to our Pool lists.


We are looking to the community to help us create our Logo and Website. The winner of each bounty will be voted on by the community. The bounty will be paid from the Dev Fund a few weeks after release. Please post all submissions in the #branding Discord channel.

Logo & Branding - 500 ATH Reward
Website - 2000 ATH Reward