Assistive Reality - ICO Presale starts 29th September 2017 [ARX]

Craig Straw

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Sep 29, 2017

Augment your reality, and let AI do the hard stuff

@Assistive Reality, we are producing a series of new Augmented Reality apps with the single goal of providing effective Human Assistance. This means that whether you use our World 1 browser to explore the new Augmented world, or our Profession app for your job, our single focus is on providing you with the tools, advice, visual guidance and information storage that you need at any given time.

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Human augmentation

We aim to push the boundaries of software, hardware and human integration to develop new solutions to problems currently consuming significant human time or effort

Multi-platform, cloud AI
Additionally, our intent is to deploy the most advanced multi-platform integrated-AI Augmented Reality applications and AR cloud-delivery service for use by the general public, as well as government, corporate and education clients around the world

World 1 and Profession
In Quarter 2 of 2018 we will release two Augmented Reality applications via each device’s store: World 1 and Profession. These applications will be built on our commercial Spectrum AR engine, natively compiled and customised for each device (Hololens/Microsoft MR, Google ARCore, Apple ARKit, Magic Leap, Android) to obtain maximum performance.

Mission goals
• Champion the integration of Artificial Intelligence software with Augmented Reality devices
• Enable humans to be highly competitive in complex tasks where AI has an inherent advantage
• Act as a catalyst for the adoption of AR/MR/VR technology in business
• Increase commercial awareness and adoption of the Ethereum Blockchain & smart contracts
• Provide an example of ICO fundraising bootstrapping a successful Tier 1 technology firm
• Establish relationships within the contact lens design and production industry

Deployment goals
• Complete development and compatibility testing of our Spectrum Augmented Reality engine
• Contract to deploy 15 Spectrum application sites within 2018
• Ensure our Spectrum-based Profession apps reach top 10 rank/major app stores within 2019
• Ensure our World 1 world browser reaches top 10 rank/major app stores within 2019

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