ASP antminer Tool - a tool for automated ASIC firmware


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Nov 25, 2018
Dear community,
We offer you a useful tool for work.

I'm sure each of you after the firmware 100+ asikov felt that such "feats" need to be automated)).
Here is your solution - the utility of our production to help support staff.

Functions implemented:
  • IP Report - analogue of the functionality of bitmaine.
  • Single-flow serial scanner network - generates a list for future maintenance.
  • Group allocation operations.
  • Specifying a nonstandard password and asika rescan.
  • Specifying the firmware file for the type of model, with group firmware
  • Uploading the list to csv format with passwords and mac addresses
  • The name of the firmware file should be in large letters one of the combinations: S9 or L3 or D3
  • ssh password is not used; login is always root;
  • list of subnets of space between sessions;
  • With a group firmware, the icon in the listing will change;
  • the first time you start the “IP Report” functionality on windows, you must allow opening the port;
  • all subnets are scanned, there is no function to scan the subnet separately.
A warning:
  • Group operations require increased attention before starting the process.
The distribution method is free of charge.

|— MacOS version:
|— Windows:
|— Linux: on request