Artgem Chain Will Be the Antidote to Economic Recession

Artgem Chain

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Jun 4, 2020
In 2020, COVID-19 triggered a severe global economic recession. Developed economies chose to issue additional currencies to postpone the crisis, which will inevitably lead to global inflation later. At the same time, the Fed claimed to maintain interest rates from 0% to 0.25% until 2022, which means that developed countries (EU, Japan) and other developing countries around the world will only maintain the existing low interest rates or even lower.

In an economic downturn, it is not easy for investors to outperform inflation. But if they put too much emphasis on venture capital, it will bring high risks in investment. So what should investors do?

Some people choose to invest in digital assets and cryptocurrencies. As we have seen, a group of these people have achieved a leaps in class and obtained huge profits from the asset bubble; some people choose to invest in artworks, which performance of investment has surpassed financial assets, stocks and real estate in the past 5 to 10 years. The global stock market has an average annual rate of return of 6.5%, while the average annual rate of return of artworks has reached 16.6%.

However, we all know that digital assets can bring us high returns but are unstable, and the return on artworks is stable but the investment threshold is too high. Is there a way to balance both? —The birth of the Artgem Chain is just to solve this problem.

Artgem Chain is the world’s first digital asset ecological platform based on blockchain technology created by Wing Manksa Foundation in Singapore. The areas involved include identification and traceability, copyright protection, asset confirmation and intelligentization and art culture incubation, etc. Artgem Chain works on solving the problems of determination, circulation and realization of the artwork industry.

So how does Artgem Chain integrate artwork market and digital assets on blockchain?

The artwork itself is unique. In Artgem Chain economic system, each artwork will be digitized and become a non-standard token. Blockchain technology can transform non-standard tokens into production tools and continuously produce standard tokens. The standard token can be traded as a quantified form of the value of the artwork, and artists can also sell the artwork by charging the standard token, thereby converting the artwork into an equivalent non-standard token. In this way, a piece of art can not only be placed at home as an ornament or collectible, but also can be used as a production tool to bring sustained and substantial returns to consumers. For the entire art circulation link, a set of sustainable and recyclable circulation ecosystem has been formed.

Artgem Chain creates a perfect blockchain ecosystem for artworks. And the AGC token it issued, as an ecological token, has the attributes of value scale, circulation acceleration, storage expansion, payment simplification, etc. Artgem Chain offers us a ideal way to against asset devaluation and inflation, that's why we believe that it will be the antidote to economic recession.