Arbolet - Czech Crypto Monopoly Going Abroad


New Member
Nov 29, 2018
Hey Guys, let me introduce a project to you!

Arbolet is a Czech platform that has been created with the beginner user in mind which initially only aimed to create the largest BTC community and the most sophisticated cryptographic tool in the Czech Republic but naturally after achieving this, keeps aiming to continue with the mission further abroad.

Living up to the motto "it's possible even without banks," the vision of Arbolet is that a customer pays for goods or services in an e-shop using BTC and the e-shop is also able to pay salaries to employees using BTC, all this could be done via Arbolet‘s system tools - It is a question of the future, but we are heading towards it and Arbolet is actively creating the tools and community to actualize this future.

The platform offers security, a simple and user-friendly graphical interface, the ability to manage an account in USD, GBP or other fiat currencies which is appreciated by beginners that are not yet familiar with cryptocurrencies and moreover - also a sophisticated learning system where beginners gradually learn how to handle and work with Bitcoin and use it effectively. This is done with quizzes and educational articles.
Arbolet offers also a vastly extensive news section and a member´s forum. It is also worth mentioning the community, which processes the general questions of the new members in a ticket system and helps them.

Furthermore, there is a system of rolling layer investments - where each active member can unlock individual layers after specific tasks are completed for each layer.
Each layer then offers certain benefits and appreciation rate for funds - rising up to 21% on the 5th layer.

Arbolet puts a high emphasis on anonymization of its users and A-Gate is a sophisticated bitcoin transaction anonymization tool across's network of accounts. Any person can use it to divide transactions on their own or any other Arbolet account, effectively eliminating any tracking Bitcoin addresses in Blockchain.

So to put it in few words, the attempt is to make Bitcoin and Crypto easier and more accessible for everyone.

If you are interested in our project and would like to join & support Arbolet's strong community in its expansion abroad, please find more information here:, medium banner&utm_medium=cpm, banner&utm_campaign=arbolet&utm_content=cryptocurrency