App to automatically send bitcoin to a 3rd, 4th,...wallets?


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Oct 26, 2019
Hello, everybody!

I am new to this forum (this is my first post), although relativelly informed about the bitcoin, blockchain, altocins and fintech. That's why I apologise if I didn't post this thread in the right part of the forum. If any admin wants to move it to another place, please let me know, so I can check the replies.
My problem to solve is:
I have 4 (or more) bitcoin wallets: w1, w2, w3, w4.
I control w1, which means I have both public and private keys, but I haven't the private keys from w2, w3 and w4.
What I search is an app or a program, script, that when somebody sends bitcoin to my w1 that I control, automatically to be made payments to w2, w3 and w4, and for each to be able to adjust the % sent.
if I receive 100 bitcoin to w1, automatically to be sent the payments to:
- 15% to w2; This can represent for example the AVT (added value tax)
- 19% to w3 (which can represent another tax or a commission that I owe to 1 person for that transaction);
- 25.89% to w4.
Of course, I want to be able to add as many wallets that I own, and for each to automatically send payments to as many public addresses that I don't control, and to each to be able to adjust the commission that I want the automatic payments to be sent.
Is there any solution like this on the market?
If not, can this be programed? If yes, where can I find the professionals who can do it and how much would it cost aproximatelly?
I also leave my email in case somebody want to contact me directly.

Thank you all very much for reading me and helping me with any suggestion about this!


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Nov 8, 2017
You could use BIP70 to handle the multiple outputs to different wallets. We've been working on growing more support for the payment protocol for a while.

There are some public Bitcoin Cash developer telegram channels that might have some developers available for hire to use the above to complete what you're after.

Best of luck!