Apollo DAE - High-tech digital asset exchange


Jan 10, 2018


Apollo is the future of crypto trading. We are building the new high-tech crypto exchange that will have lower fees, market protections, 24/7 customer support, trading knowledge base, easy accounts, new order types and more.

Lower Fees

Massive savings just by switching to Apollo and using our DAE token system. Users will save a minimum of 25% in fees compared to other exchanges.

24/7 Customer Service

You may never need to contact customer support, but in the rare case that you do, we will be here 24/7 to answer or resolve any issues. Other exchanges won't respond to you for weeks and even months!

Knowledge Base

A resource to learn about and research digital assets and trading techniques. Quickly find an assets market-cap, team information, latests updates, goals, sentiment and more. Learn how to trade or increase your skills.

Easy Accounts

Simple sign up process can even create an anonymous account. Quick verifications using Civic for traders that needs to deposit and withdraw FIAT. Even eliminate passwords and signing in with the use of Remme!

DAE Tokens

DAE tokens are the main token being offered. They have the added benefit of MAP pricing. They can be used to pay fees on our platform or be traded on multiple exchanges. More uses coming soon...

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