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May 4, 2018

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How do ApiTrade works?

This service is not a Ponzi game or something like that, it does not receive or store deposits! (It trades form client’s accounts on stock exchanges via API). ApiTrade is a high-tech project with advanced algorithms based on machine learning. These algorithms execute thousands of low-risk transactions, increasing the balances of users on stock exchanges with a predictable rate. Algorithms use the volatility of the cryptocurrency and the difference in rates between exchanges to increase the income of users. Moreover, a user can increase the amount of USDT (equivalent to US dollars), not depending on the bitcoin rate.

There are three algorithms

The "Ring" algorithm (intra-arbitrage) is a high-frequency trading algorithm that seeks inefficiency within a single exchange.
The “Wave” algorithm. It uses volatility within one pair in one exchange, buying a coin, when it is all sold, at a relatively low price, and selling a coin when everyone buys it, at a peak. Especially the big profit this algorithm brings at decrease and fluctuations in rates.
The “Mirror” algorithm. It is the so-called spatial arbitrage of the cryptocurrency between different exchanges. The service automatically tracks the difference in rates between different currencies in different exchanges, and in the event of discovering large differences in rates, makes instant mirror transactions to buy currency on one exchange and sell it to another where it costs more.
ApiTrade has connected to the large exchanges, which do not limit registration, at first. Such exchanges allow fast passing of the verification process. Examples of them are Binance, Huobi, and Kucoin.

Is it possible to leave at a loss because of the system?

The system has a rule: it should be profitable. The system has no stop-losses, so it cannot trade in unprofitable situations just to record the loss. The algorithms assume only instantaneous transactions, therefore the system will constantly increase the number of those coins with which the user initially added to his balance in the exchange. If there are instant transactions at a market price, a small percentage of transactions may be unprofitable because of delays in the execution of orders from exchanges, but this percentage is so small that it can be neglected.

The system trades daily to make a profit, and the increase in user’s deposits on exchanges averages 0.5-3.5% per day (depending on the volatility during this day), furthermore, users who connected the maximum number of exchanges and placed the sufficient for active trading deposits on them (recommended from $ 600) can expect even better results.
Update of the system

The innovation is the “Panic sell” button. This button appears 14 days after the first purchase of the coin in the event that it was not sold with a profit. It forcibly closes an unsuccessful transaction with compensation from the system. The key point is the delay – 14 days. During this period more than 90% of all transactions are successfully closed and their participants got a profit. The percentage of the profit differs from one user to another, it depends on the coin and entry time.

New algorithms that the ApiTrade team is currently working on:

Global improvement of the "Wave" algorithm, which will increase its profitability several times. The system works in real time. It detects the pairs that have the highest profitability in percent per annum at the moment, according to our statistics (the system produces more than one profitable deal every second), and sends a part of the deposit with the higher priority.
The "Tsunami" algorithm. This algorithm will detect sharp increases in the volume of purchases of coins, in the first seconds of its appearance, buy and then sell it quickly with a profit of 5-30%.
The "HFT" algorithm (high-frequency trading). Sales with a small profit, but with an extremely high frequency.
The "Slippage" algorithm. The system regularly arranges in advance limit orders using surplus funds with very low (to buy) and overpriced (to sale) prices in the event instant of slippage at the price, which happen on the exchanges quite often.

FAQ English:https://www.apitrade.pro/faq_eng.htm?locale=en

ApiTrade has a very detailed FAQ which includes answers to such questions as "Why should ApiTrade be trusted?, What profit does ApiTrade guarantee?". Complete the registration and read the answers to all the questions, you may have.

It is very important! You may request a modest bonus (up to $ 100, depending on your deposit on the exchanges) from the support team to test system’s efficiency. It means that a user may do not replenish the account’s balance at the very beginning and do the if only they have made sure, that system works correctly.

Other projects of ApiTrade:

ApiShops.com - the project that received the "Startup of the Year 2013" award. It is the international dropshipping platform, which had grown from 0 to 9 thousand orders per day for the period of one year;
Context.ApiShops.com - the system of automation of the contextual advertising (targeted advertising, which advertises such content as content displayed in mobile browsers);
ApiPay.pro - financial service;
Liex.ru - a popular service for posting hundreds of thousands of promotional articles with automatic payments, which has existed for more than 10 years;
iDomen.ru – a service, which maintains tens of thousands of domains, this service appeared in 2006 and still works;
Retorno.ru – a popular cashback service;
And other interesting services.

Contact information

Pass the fast registration in English (link: https://www.apitrade.pro/register_new.htm?locale=en) on the service and our specialists will answer all questions in your account: Support / Contacts.

Connect to our channels, where daily users share screenshots of their accounts, discuss the market of cryptocurrencies. Follow us to have actual information!

The official Russian-language channel telegram: https://t.me/apitraderu

Official telegram chat: https://t.me/spacearbitrage

One our client’s screenshots, which was posted in our general chat service https://t.me/spacearbitrage (where now more than 100 experts on the development of trading bots and algorithms, and the total number of chat participants exceeded 670 people are gathered together):

"Just want to share the result: 1.38 BTC were cast, now I have got 1.503 BTC.
I have used the “Wave” and the “Rings” algorithms, that was traded on Binance exchange."

Every day in the chat participants share their results, discuss the algorithms of the service and exchange opinions.

Register in English: https://www.apitrade.pro/register_new.htm?locale=en and get a $ 100 bonus on the balance of the system, based on your deposit on the exchanges. (Bonuses are given after request to the Technical Support service).​
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