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Jan 30, 2017

Introducing ANYBITS.COM

We are happy to introduce our new project!

What is Anybits?

Anybits is a new platform for altcoin exchange, launched at the Blockchain and Bitcoin conference. The platform offers a great new tool for cryptocurrency users and traders to instantly trade between various cryptocurrencies and digital tokens.

The exchange platform, powered and managed by established and reputable crypto-to-fiat exchange,, supports buying and selling of some of the most widely used cryptocurrencies in the market today. We took the best from Bitsane and polished it, giving you the most fast and secure platform available.

Please note that Bitsane users can log in into Anybits using their Bitsane login and password as well.

AnyBits Features

Anybits offers extremely fast execution of trade, secure wallets and a solid security protocol by holding a majority of user funds in cold storage. The interface is very user-friendly and customer support is available 24/7.
You can also earn money through an affiliate program by inviting friends to the platform with up to 50% referral commission. Developers of cryptocurrency trading platforms are also offered ready access to API solutions.
Furthermore, Anybits boasts a platform highly compatible for use on a mobile device allowing users to trade on the go without hassle. Investment options such as margin trading and portfolio diversifying investment will be shortly available for more experienced traders and investors.

Supported crypto assets

As of now, Anybits supports a total of 15 different currencies and tokens including Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash,Ethereum,Bitcoin Gold,Dash,Ripple,Litecoin, Dogecoin, Iconomi and CLAM. We expand a list of supported currencies on a weekly basis. Stay updated!

How to Get Started With AnyBits?

Registration is free with a valid E-mail address at
No credit card or user information is required
Making a deposit, trading and withdrawal can be made instantly with just one click.

Anybits offers free trading with no transaction fees (0%) till the end of Year 2017. To take advantage of this offer, use the following promotion code at the time of registration: H9F27D1V

We welcome any feedback or comments that you may have about the system and its functionality.

At any point, if a customer needs help with anything on the platform, quick professional support is always within reach on Anybits.



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Jan 30, 2017
Dear Customers!

Please be advised that due to recent CNBC story, our servers were slammed quite a bit. Our equipment was not ready to process such number of new users simultaneously. We hope you understand that it gave us a jolt and we have been working non-stop since then to resolve all the issues.
Update on the current system status:
A lot of withdrawals were successfully processed. We are sorry if this is too straightforward, but people just don't tend to post that everything is ok, they tend to vine and then when it's ok, they just leave and never give feedback.
New code rolled out to production.
Fixed "stuck" of order execution.
Fixed "duplicate" addresses given to 73 users.
Those users had their address cleared and deposit unset. Please write a ticket with a subject "My crypto address was changed" and deposit TXID to prioritize. (It that is not your case - please do not abuse, we will penalty for that)
Fixed ETH and BTC deposits/withdrawals.
There is still 143 (down from 1200) pending withdrawals that should be processed manually.
Please check your balances, and if you are quite sure that you have any deposit missing - open a new support ticket and be sure to provide TXID of deposit.
Tickets which contains no information like "where is my money?" will be silently closed as cannot be handled.

PS: update for the users comments:
12000 deferred withdrawals handled,
about 7600 stuck deposits processed (but there can be more which we are unaware of, that’s why stated to open a support ticket)
Total users affected by locked orders is 12000, processed 8370, still working on it.
Total tickets created was 11000, all closed forcibly.

P.S.: We are hiring :blush:
20 vacancies for senior C++/Golang programmers in Krakow/Poland
A lot of vacancies for support specialist in Krakow/Poland, Odessa/Ukraine.
Few vacancies for support specialist in UK/London.

Bitsane Team