Any rationale behind rejecting me as a member?


Feb 27, 2017

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Kind of ironic that I was rejected even though I've been one of the most vocal anti-SegWit truth speakers online. If at this early stage of BU's development we have internal issues like that this project is dead on arrival. In the near-term future I will publish a novel whitepaper regarding double-spending, I'm a C++ programmer with 12 years of experience. This is hilarious. Not only the BTC community is split in a sense of SegWit vs Big Blockers but it is also split amongst the big blockers? Or alternatively you have already been infested with UASF trolls trying to sabotage BU from inside. Good luck.
I did not understand your rejection, too, and was kind of angry about. Same goes for bryce weiner, on of my favorite bitcoin tweeter. I'd consider You a valuable new member of bu. I also wish those who rejected You explain their rationale, and hope that You try it again, with success. The only rationale i can imagine is that bu's membership structure has problems to scale, as can be seen with The low voting turnover ...


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Aug 28, 2015
Please keep contributing you don't need to be anti segwit. You just need to be able to explain you position and I've been comfortable you've done that.

The more you contribute the more valuable you are as a member. Sorry I didn't get to vote but give a thoughtful opinion on up coming BUIPs and I'm sure you'll find a more accepting membership. Try the BU slack too.