Anonymous bitcoin mixer - ClearBiT.ONE


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Oct 28, 2018
Anonymous bitcoin mixer - ClearBiT.ONE

TOR: http://clearbftuygwuqqx.onion


Introducing our bitcoin mixer. Simple and convenient outside, powerful inside.
Once mixed, the bitcoins received will be impossible to identify with the sender's wallet.

We care about your anonymity:
- No registration required.
- We do not see any logs, do not use tracking scripts.
- Order information is automatically deleted after 24 hours.
- Adapted for use through TOR.

Fully protect against blockchain analysis:
- Ability to send coins to multiple wallets.
- Select payment delay.
- Floating mining Commission.
- Fine - tuning the service Commission, accurate to thousandths of a percent.

Easy and convenient to use:
- Friendly interface, we have tried to make the most simple and convenient process of use.
- Adapted for use with mobile.
- A detailed guide to the use of
- Fast and responsive technical support

The minimum amount to mix is 0.001 BTC
The size of the service fee - from 0.5% to 3%

How to use the mixer:
1. Select one or more wallets to send you bitcoins after mixing.
2. Select the distribution of bitcoins between wallets.
3. Send the bitcoins you plan to mix to the generated services wallet.
4. After the first confirmation of the transaction, the net coins will be sent to your wallets.