### Announcing the next BU Vote: September 18th ###


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Aug 22, 2015
Bitcoin Unlimited members are advised that the next vote on BUIPs will be open for 5 calendar days in the window September 18-22, 2017.

edit: updated from 16 to 18, due to necessity to update the public keys on the website for some members.

The close-off date for new BUIPs is September 2nd to allow the minimum two-week period for membership debate.
Proposers of exisiting draft BUIPs are welcome to advise that their BUIP is ready for membership vote.

The BUIPs for vote will comprise:
  • Development and/or Operational BUIPs
  • New Members BUIP
Note: The vote recording and counting system on the BU website will be used.
A "### VOTE ###" thread will be created on September 18th however, this will redirect members to the voting page on the website. The vote thread will only be for Q&A and comments about the vote process.

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Aug 28, 2015
A warm welcome to the new applicants, @KevUnltd, @my3z, @Erik Beijnoff, @Jgoods, @Dave, @Mike Aetherial, @Crypto indo, @shadders, @sourena, @Otaci, @Nic, @John Cunningham. and welcome again to any I've interacted with in the past.

I'd like to reiterate that BU is just one of may bitcoin implementations and membership vote is how we govern changes in this implementation. Members contribute on a voluntary basis and membership requires active participation to direct this project. (non members can participate in voting issues, I would encourage it as it builds rapport with voting members)

BU is differentiated from other bitcoin implementations by this governed method giving an opportunity to all professions and economic classes to participate in the development process of bitcoin, and as such active participation and diversity is sort-after.

The adoption of BU within the bitcoin network is voluntary and as such members only indirectly impact the direction of the bitcoin protocol leaving the network participants free to chose the software that runs the Bitcoin protocol.

It is a priority for me to grow an active and diverse membership that is robust enough to prevent the type of governing issues we've seen with the past specifically the concept of a single reference client run by a hegemony of encumber developers.

I don't have any good formula for improving the screening process for new members, and I'd hate to see membership deteriorate. I'd like BU governance to evolve into the best form of governance there is, so we are going to need a competent and membership capable of critical thinking.

Before I cast a vote for new members please meet me half way and help me understand who you are by confirming the flowing:
  1. An online identity that can be validated that represents your participation in the cryptocurrencyspace space (if you haven't already done so.)
  2. You've read and comprehend the Bitcoin Unlimited: Articles of Federation?
  3. Can give some critical feedback on:
    a. one principal in the Articles you mostly agree with and why?
    b. one principal you think can be improved in the Articles and why?
  4. An appropriate screening question to ask new applicants to prevent introducing bad apples to the membership?
  5. The date you first started participating in some aspect of cryptocurrency discussion.
;) I think other members would also be interested in your responses.

P.s. You don't need to be a member to participate in development, everyone is welcome in the process. I'd encourage you all to ask questions, comment, discuss address advantages or disadvantages in the current BUIP's. Your participation and ideas are welcome:

Thanks in advance.



Jul 26, 2017

I figured I should reply here, to renew my expression of interest in Bitcoin Unlimited membership and respond to the questions that have been asked.

I have been following crypto currencies for several years but I've been more of a follower than a contributor, something I want to change. My bitcointalk profile is here. I'll put a link to this message in my signature in my bitcointalk profile, until the next vote when I'll remove it again.

I started my career as a C++ developer and now I'm a manager. I am keen to resurrect my technical skills.

I am very upset by the direction Bitcoin Core is taking Bitcoin, it really doesn't fit with my interpretation of a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, so I have supported Bitcoin Cash. I contribute to Electron Cash, not development but more like user support, running the @electroncash twitter account and I continue to run one of the first Bitcoin Cash Electrumx servers.

Yes, I have read the Articles of Federation.

I'm going to reinterpret your question 3: I like the introduction and the first article the most, they set the scene. The other articles are mechanisms to achieve the first. The document should be restructured, with the introduction and the first article being "Principals" and the rest being subservient to them.

Question 4 - I really have no idea. That's a tough question. Although some screening is necessary, someone will always get through. Is there something about the process for removing membership, or penalizing members in some way? Maybe some sort of penalty for disruptive behaviour such as temporary suspension of posting privileges, followed by a rigorous process for removal in the case of repeated undesirable behaviour. Totally transparent of course, moderation not censorship.

Question 5 - no idea. Bitcointalk lists one of my first posts (which I admit was to get posting privileges) on 1st April 2013 - "Hi, yup, good news about the USD 100. Now for EUR 100 :)" OMG, WHY DIDNT I SELL MY HOUSE!!!!!!!! (an attempt at humour)

I hope you'll grant me membership, if you have any other questions I'd be happy to hear them.



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Nov 30, 2016
Thanks for your reply @Otaci .

I see that tthere is a gap of almost 4 years on your bitcointalk account (09.2013 - 08.2017). What happened?


Jul 26, 2017
Nothing really. Over the years I primarily used the account to keep track of threads that I was interested in (watch thread), I pretty much only read and didn't post. I only started posting there again this August to try and support Electron Cash, but quickly got disillusioned by the quality of posts and gave up.
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Aug 22, 2015
There is a short delay while we get the latest members list and public keys loaded. Then I will open the BUIPs for voting and announce.

edit: Formally updated to the 18th.
Apologies for the delay.
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