Announcing my first bitcoin project, Blockhash.WIN


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Apr 8, 2018
I'm in the last year of a software engineering study. I followed the open innovation minor the study provides, where I can basically choose any subject that I want to learn about, and make something :). For me that subject was blockchain, being in bitcoin for almost 5 years triggered my interest to really learn about the tech behind it.

When I started with the minor I was a little clueless about what exactly blockchain was good for, hearing mixed things about it online for so long. On one side blockhain promises huge potential for all sorts of usecases but when I started looking in to it I realized that there really aren't that many legit usecases and that money and bitcoin is what the discussion should really be about. BITCOIN IS THE KILLER APP.

Teachers weren't very exited about my findings in the first place and kept pushing that there must be a lot of other things blockchain is good for, it took me a while to gather the right arguments to convince them that they shouldn't be looking a blockchain but instead focus a bit more(if not completely) on bitcoin. Anyway, one idea that stood out and fitted the limited time that I had in the minor was a gambling site, using the block hash as a random source. Not a new concept but I figured it would be a good one to learn about the tech. So I created . You can earn 2x your bet amount by guessing the right last digit of the blockhash that includes your transaction. I've spend many hours developing and I've learned a lot. I would recommend any software engineer or student like me to learn about the tech and build somthing. I learned a lot from the book that I picked up for this minor: Mastering bitcoin by Andreas M. Antonopoulos (I would really recommend the book if your a software guy or just technical!)

I'm open for feedback and I'm really curious what you guys think of it, let me know :) If you would like to get started developing something bitcoin and don't know where to get started, hit me up!
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