[ANN] ZClassic has returned, stronger than ever. ZClassic Blue is here!


New Member
Apr 1, 2018
Hello all,

We are ZClassic Blue, an external developer team that is going to support ZClassic, despite of the official announcement ZClassic made about shutting down some services.
- We have launched a fully-functional block explorer.
- Zclassic nodes are also expected to be shut down, and we already launched new ones.
- ElectrumX has been created and it is going to be much more easier to use than the official ZClassic one, with a useful tutorial to use it.

We have much more news coming soon, like, very soon, and we will update this post.
Also you are going to be able to follow the latest updates in our Medium.

We also have a Discord to interact with users and give support: discord.gg 3aeJvXa
Website: zclassicblue org

Go ZClassic go!!