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Aug 9, 2017
Zappl Inc aims to be a decentralized front end micro-blogging application similar to twitter and mastodon. Zappl Inc started off originally as an idea which had evolved quickly under the guidance of @thedegensloth. Who is currently holding the seat as CEO at Zappl Inc.

Ios Development Teaser: Post found here:

The Zappl website and applications will be running on the steem block chain utilizing community made libraries such as steem-js, steemconnect and much more. Zappl Inc plans to make all of its code on launch open source so the community can branch out and make their own or help with the development of the applications to benefit the community.

Zappl Inc Plans to and will filter content that will be shown on the site. We will likely be starting out with a filter method using app: metadata. And will likely go into a system where we use a special metadata like content_id: id.

The idea is to have the id stored in a database on submit of the post. Then when we go to read the API data we will likely have a requirement if content_id isn't correct don't display data. It's pretty simple to do and with the developer program we plan to set up, it would go pretty well for bot developers we plan to team with.

Zappls technology:
Zappl Ios = objective c
Zappl Android = Java
Zappl website / backend = mean stack

Android Development Teaser: Post found here:

Zappl Inc's Plan for launch:
210-240 character limit.
Profile Feed / Main-Page Follower feed
Followers page
Following page
Categories / tags
Steemconnect.com login
Normal login
Wallet page
Great user ui/ux
Promoted system
Embedding twitch, youtube and other forms of media

Zappl Inc's Plan for after launch:
Emoji support?
Multi lang support
Multi lang special characters support
Image uploading
Private encrypted messaging system
Poll system
Tipping system
Internal market ?
Blocktrades integration ?
These are the goals we set at the start so we are doing our best to get as many features from the after launch list in before launch. Some features take up larger amounts of time. So if we don't get everything from the after launch list in before launch we will try to get it in as soon as possible after the launch.

Website Development teaser: Post found here:

As for our developer program we will be making a post soon.

Also if you would be interested in buying stake in Zappl inc please contact us anytime we're currently looking for investors and v/cs to partner with.

The Zappl Team
Our social media profiles and misc:
Twitter | Facebook | Discord | steemitchat | telegram

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