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Jan 30, 2019
Worldopo – Game Update
Greetings to you, friends and fans of Worldopo.
Finally, we are reaching the home stretch and very soon we will be able to present you an updated version of the game. Unfortunately, due to technical peculiarities, holidays and the transition to the new structure, we could not meet the previously announced deadlines.
However, this year we started with the expansion of our team and all the forces were thrown on the implementation of our ideas.
We are sure that you will be impressed and your patience will be rewarded!
Immediately we want to mention that the crystals will no longer be so easily accessible. They will still appear on the map, but in much smaller quantities. In addition, each resource and crystal is available to all players equally. So we return to our motto:
First come – first serve!
So, what awaits us in the next updates?
New UI
First of all what is worth noting is the new User Interface, which is becoming more visible, convenient and modern, or rather even futuristic. Our designers spent a lot of time into the game and it turned out spectacular. At the same time, the interface remains intuitive and informative.
Branches and Resources
At this stage, 3 branches will be entered. Each of these branches will have its own characteristics, degree of influence, individual buildings and factories that will produce the appropriate resources:
- Production
- Crime
- Science

These resources will be needed for many activities, such as construction, repair, and maintenance of buildings. They will be scattered both directly around us and on redeemed hexagons free from buildings. The lifetime of such resources is from 20 to 24 hours. After that, they are replaced by new ones and they will change their location.
The following 3 types of resources will be introduced to the game with this update:
- Qubit – for Production
- Cash – for Crime
- Brain – for Science

Our community often complained about the impossibility of collecting crystals in the absence of a gyroscope in the device. We decided to kill 2 birds with one stone. Firstly, to diversify the gameplay with a new Mini-Game, and secondly, not to lose motivated players with older devices.
Now, in the absence of a gyroscope, instead of the AR mode, you can choose another, no less interesting type of collection. You will need to throw the resource/crystal that you want to collect in a certain place.
By the way, this Mini-Game will be also interesting for those who have a gyroscope, but for some reason, it is inconvenient for them to catch in AR mode. (for example in transport, when people think that you photograph them).
In/list] the future, we are going to add more such mini-games. For example, it will be possible in the AR mode to cut the wires of another player. Although such entertainment will be not very cheap, it is a good way to annoy the enemy.
Mystery Box
In Worldopo there will be 3 types of Mystery Boxes with rewards:
- Basic
- Mid
- Gold

Basic boxes will be issued for certain achievements (Level Up, Daily Login, etc.) and will contain one of three rewards:
- Gems
- Experience
- A one-time increase in the limit on the purchase of hexagons

Medium and Gold boxes will periodically appear around you and disappear after a while. The lucky man who managed to pick up the box, may, along with the above awards, get a surprise much more valuable, up to the blueprint of buildings and farms.
Power Plants
As we know, mining farms are energy eaters and the largest farms were build close to power plants. Our mining farms in the game will not be an exception. To continue mining, you will have to build a power station and bring electricity to the farms with the help of electric poles and wires.
Naturally, its functionality must be maintained by repairing it for resources (which we will describe below) and controlling energy consumption.
Of course, our engineers are not standing still and developing new technologies, so that in the future, thanks to induction, we can do without wires.
You will have to make sure that when loading the network you provide enough power, connecting new power plants, as well as the throughput capacity of specific high-voltage lines.
The poles will have a radius (the range over which they can be placed apart) and the “sagging” factor of the wires depending on the distance. Also in the store, you can purchase wires with a different cross-section and throughput.
Along with electricity, the farm naturally needs a world wide web to transmit generated keys. Stable Internet – the key to success!
So first, you are building an Internet provider building that will provide you with the encrypted Internet at a certain speed. The building itself cannot provide Internet access to farms. For this, you will need a repeater.
The repeater has a radius of action, into which our mining farms must fall. Naturally, we can create a chain of repeaters for remote consumers. Just as in the case of electricity, the connection speed will drop with each farm connected, so expanding your empire you need to keep an eye on this.
But that is not all. Never forget that there are people who want to prevent you from building an empire. To do this, in their arsenal there are Jammers, which interfere with and thus prevent your farms within the radius of influence from operating at full capacity.
However, of course, our engineers have provided the opportunity to protect against this and in the store, you will find the Firewall, the installation of which near your farm will level the influence of jammer!
Suppose you have many buildings and factories from the branch of Scientists which regularly produce Intelligence. And now you have already gained a lot of this resource, but the buildings need to be repaired. Now, you do not have enough Qubits for repairs …
Or, you have enough gems, but you do not have enough time to go to collect resources.
What to do?
It’s simple! You go and exchange Intellect for Qubits, Crystals for Cash, and so on.
Barter – that’s what’s valued on Worldopo’s Darknet! Demand creates supply and accordingly dictates prices. Players decide everything themselves!
Of course, time, weather conditions and the intrigues of enemies leave traces on our property, respectively, from time to time you will have to repair it. The worse the condition of your buildings, the less their efficiency, up to a complete stop in production.
The repair will require the Qubit-resources and takes a certain time, so take care of this issue in time, to be sure not to lose profit !!!
Rental of Hexagons
Here, at last, we got to the long-awaited Makers and their relationship with the Cryptolord.
Cryptolord – is a landowner who buys hexes for WPT.
Maker – is a player who, without investments, can rent hexagons bought by a Cryptolord, and build “Life Quality” buildings there. He doesn’t need WPT to do this.
Let’s say you are in Paris and your farm is in Boston, you have 2 options to choose from. Either build a garage and buy drones or transfer the right to collect (for a certain share) to a Maker, who is located near the farm.
Having spent a lot of time looking for the optimal solution, we came up with an interesting system of leasing hexagons to players who joined our growing community. With this system, Cryptolord provides a steady resources income.
So in order: 2 bots are introduced into the game: Agency and Mr.Dopo.
Each Cryptolord can place in the Agency a certain amount of gems (deposit), which he is ready to spend on the purchase of land for subsequent lease. The income of the Cryptolord will be 50% of the maker’s profit in the resources.
A new Maker, having entered the game, will be able to allocate the territory that he would like to rent, thereby submitting an application to the Agency. The Agency places this application first for a while on the bulletin board. If during this time no one responds, the Agency takes the appropriate Cryptolord from the base (randomly), buys out the hexagons (from the deposit) for the Maker and draws up the contract.

In case if for any reason there is no suitable Cryptolord in the database (absence or insufficient deposit, etc.) our Mr. Dopo comes in. He rents out necessary hexagons for 10 days to the maker. After this period, the hexes will return to the game, and all the buildings of Maker will be destroyed.
Thus, any new Maker will be able to start immediately playing and discovering the Worldopo universe, continuing the search for Cryptolord.