[ANN] Triip.me - the travel impact platform do their own ICO

Windy Vong

New Member
Apr 3, 2018
What is Triip: Website https://www.triip.me/

Triip is the only travel platform enabling travellers to book seamlessly 1,113,953 hotel rooms in 227 countries and 6,000 authentic local experiences (“triips”) in 100 countries. Not only we have the best price in the world for hotels (through the partnership with Booking.com), we are the only one that give back all of our commission as rebate to the travellers by cryptocurrencies.

Triip offers the combination of hotels, local experiences. This combination alone is a key point of competitive differentiation. Here are innumerable big tour companies in the world, operating at both the international and local level. However, the list of companies offering unique tours by locals is considerably smaller, with only a few major players. The reason is inventory of such tours is hard to aggregate, because – unlike hotel rooms and airline inventory – the tour space is one of the last segments of the industry to fully succumb to digital distribution.

Furthermore, there is a clear distinction between operators: those that feature unique tours offered by individuals (indie) and those that feature professional tours/tickets (Pro). Notable competitors offering indie Tours like trip include Viator, Withlocals, and Getyourguide, amongst others

Why is TIP Token?

Triip is using blockchain technology to make travel booking less costly, more convenient and secure. The transparent marketplace with verified information on local tour guides, travellers and hotel owners enhances trust between the parties.By using blockchain, Triip gives local guides, travellers and hotel owners a virtual ownership of the platform.The more they use the platform, the higher the value of their token become. Triip doesn't only help people earn more or save more but also grow their token value. Triips takes a tremendous care about its local experts through the generous compensation model.

When will the ICO start?
The Triip Token Sale will take place on May 23rd, 2018 9:00 Singapore Time (SGT) and will conclude on the earlier of (1) June 30th, 2018 23:59 Singapore Time (SGT) (the“Closing Date”); or (ii) until the amount of contributions received reaches USD$ 20 million provided that Triip may extend the Closing Date, in its sole discretion, up to 3 times with each extension being 30 days (the“Token Sale End Date”). If on the Closing Date or on the last occasion that Triip extends the Closing Date (as the case may be), Triip has not received a minimum of USD$ 2 million in contributions, this will result in contributions being returned to contributors.