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Oct 30, 2017
About the project:

Skytale is new, anonymous, decentralized peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, based on SkytaleNote technology that offers privacy and quickness of transactions. SkytaleNote technology was created by our engineering team and is constantly improving. It is similar to CN but is much more developed. In contrast to other coins, our system transactions cannot be followed through the blockchain in a way that reveals who sent or received coins so it is 100% anonymous system. The amount of a transaction cannot be known as well. Our mission is to give you currency that will allow you to make instant payments anywhere in the world, and by decentralization no one will be able to touch your money, our mission is to give you the best prepared cryptocurrency.

Skytale has everything that should have perfect coin:

  • We use zk-SNARK method to provide 100% anonymity
  • Our system if fully decentralized
  • Confirmed transactions in just 2 seconds
  • Proof-of-Work method, very effective digging with CPU and GPU, the best mining reward
  • No fees for any transactions
  • The sender ID, recipient ID, and value on the blockchain are hidden

More information about Skytale is available on our website and in the Whitepaper.

About ICO:

  • Start date: 06.11.2017, 08:00 CET
  • End date: 11.12.2017, 08:00 CET
  • Price: 10 SKT - $1
  • All coins: 100 000 000 SKT
  • Coins for ICO Project: 65 000 000 SKT
  • Minimum to collect: $500 000
  • Maximum to collect: $6 500 000
  • Accept currency: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Lisk
  • Bonuses: 10% for first 100 investors, 20% bonus during first week, 20% bonus for big investors (more info in our Whitepaper)

Why Skytale project is better than the other:

  • It's new, anonymous cryptocurrency, based on the latest technology - it's not another useless Ethereum token
  • Transactions are immediate so our coin can be used in many ways
  • We have a well planned roadmap so that the value of our currency will increase
  • Our platfrom will allow developers (in January, 2018) to create applications using Java and Python, every application will have own blockchain, connected with main Blockchain Skytale (like Stratis and Lisk)
  • Anonymous coins offering full privacy and fast transactions will be always on TOP because they are resisant to politicians and governments

Don't miss your chance to get 10% bonus for 100 first investors, check our website and stay tuned, because ICO starts soon!
Website: http://skytale.tech/

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