[ANN] ShareDrop +90% more tokens for Airdrops


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Jun 3, 2018

ShareDrops.io (Alpha v1.2)

Token Symbol: SHARE
Total Max Supply 1,000,000,000,000
Current Circulating Supply: 55
18 Decimals, ERC23​

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Mission Statement

Viral social media campaigns are expensive and often times many tokens are poorly distributed with most going to only a few individuals or large Airdrop channels/websites.

We are giving over 90% of these tokens back to the users. With the tokens kept we will build an fully feautred Airdrop platform and exchange for our token. Our unique platform makes Airdrop campaigns cheaper and more effective for ICOs and almost twice as valuable for users. We want good blockchain projects to achieve their funding goals and reward the users as much as possible for their help to make that happen!

Everyone wins and at the same time we positively impact the world as we help more good blockchain projects succeed.

Token Supply, Allocation, and Value Metrics

The metrics of token creation are proportionally weighted to the project's ratings and the referral tokens estimated value.

The value of 1 SHARE token will be Total Asset Pool / Circulating Supply (the rest of the tokens will be locked in cold storage, only released when earned via airdrops, aside from the initial 50,000 SHAREs allocated for start up)

For example: We award SHARE tokens at a rate of 1 per $1 est. value of referral tokens.

This means they are created with a rough estimated value at $.90+ each, with $.90+ of tokens arriving to the asset pool backing them. The remaining $.10 or less (it scales down as we grow) is used to website/exchange development, marketing partners, etc.

We will not attempt to beat the market. Our formula is simple, sell half relatively quickly (but not to harm the price, we will work with ICOs), then sell the rest when in adequate profits. We also may operate a few masternodes. Under this model, the value of our asset pool should only perpetually increase.

For TOP RATED ICOs/tokens we award the full amount of SHAREs. Based on average review ratings and our personal interactions with the teams to verify their authenticity.

For lower rated projects we will award fewer SHAREs per $ given away to protect the value of our asset pool and tokens with the increased risk.

We will NOT be performing an ICO. Instead, in order to initially pay for marketing, development services and launch a small bounty program, we have allocated 50,000 tokens to the circulating supply. These tokens will be quickly averaged out as the asset pool fills via referral actions from the 100,000 active users who seek airdrops daily that will find and use our platform.

The Maintenance fees will be variable depending on the qualified users entered for the day

10k Users or more = 10% Maint. / 90% ref tokens to Pool

25k Users or more = 6% Maint. / 94% to Pool

65k Users or more = 3.5% Maint / 96.5% to Pool

100k Users of more = 2.5% Maint / 97.5% to Pool

This ensures we have operational funding regardless of initial qualified user base.

For example: 100k users x $10 in airdrops x 30 days = 30,000,000 SHARE tokens distributed and $29,250,000 to the asset pool.

Asset pool $29,250,000 divided by Circulating supply 30,050,000 = $.973 per token. That's from just one month of operation at full capacity, without accounting for asset pool performance and gains.

Referral tokens will also be given out initially, so the supply may be up to twice as large if everyone enters our airdrops through someone else's link. But as we capture our audience and reward their loyalty the vast majority of our userbase will enter directly through our channels. They will only be created when value is added to the pool, and proportionally so.


Before we can begin to deliver all the features promised in the final version of our web platform, we will focus on forming partnerships for marketing and ICO services. We are not performing an ICO or asking our users for any funds.

We have started an Ambassador and Marketing Partner program, as well as a generous compensation package for referring ICOs who need our Airdrop Services. We are actively seeking projects who want perform Airdrops (and save a ton of tokens and headache) by using our services, hosted via our partnered platforms (i.e. Westart.co ).

Once our userbase grows and we begin to collect enough tokens to be operational we will hired the necessary web developers to build our website where we will integrate features necessary to properly verify and reward users, host the exchange, bounties, airdrops, etc.

Our exchange will next on the list. We will build our own exchange where users may exchange their SHAREs for the ETH backing them in the asset pool. A fee will be charged and the token burned. The fee will remain in the asset pool and the circulating supply will diminish, increasing the value of all remaining SHAREs each time this occours

We are open for questions.

-ShareDrop Team