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Jan 11, 2018

About Us

Selfllery is a multifunctional social platform that allows you to receive rewards in
cryptocurrency for social activities related to publication and distribution of visual
content. The product concept and its first versions were designed in early 2016. The
Selfllery reward system uses ERC20 tokens built on Ethereum blockchain technology.

Selfllery Mission

Selfllery enables people to make their visual content truly rewarding.
The purpose of Selfllery is to create an ecosystem that:

1. Enables users to monetize their photos, videos and live streams in a gamified way;
2. Supports charitable organizations and makes donations easy for users;
3. Provides companies with easy-to-use and effective promotion tools that involve
user photos;
4. Expands the market of photo and video content for companies and news services,
with a convenient search functionality;
5. Integrates modern technologies and capabilities of blockchain into the digital
photography market, increasing the transparency and security of its transactions.

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