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Mar 6, 2018
Imagine a world that is using its resources to their full potential, every year people purchase products that they use once, perhaps never to be used again.

What if these products could be used to provide an income, SEEYAK provides a P2P platform to allow anyone to easily list or rent products and reward them with an income or attractive pricing on products normally out of reach.


SEEYAK is a company driving a new value proposition in offering a platform that allows any individual to establish a revenue stream. This will be a community-based P2P rental platform that will give anyone an opportunity to generate revenue from existing assets.

We are three excited people with development and design background and want to get our hands stuck in to making something we can all be apart of.

I don't want to provide a roadmap, a roadmap is out dated in the landscape of Agile and Scrum. As definitely that is the methodology we all use and know is successful and this product is all about getting the best for the end users in experience and benefits.

Here is a look at the first year of SEEYAK:

To create an intuitive platform for rental (Beta/MVP)
  • Beta offering to public in target region
  • MVP with incentive smarts to get people renting and leasing
Make contacts in target region
  • Delivery businesses
  • Insurance offerings
Team ramp up
  • Directors to relocate and work with team directly
  • BDM's and Marketing
  • Hiring process for quality over quantity

Following the Goals, we expand these in to Ideas (As many as we have for each goal), Step-Projects(working towards MVP) and then Tasks(almost story level). We will have an open and transparent development life cycle from these high level designs and thoughts down to the actual tasks that are being worked on (in Jira). This approach gives us an Agile approach from high to low, the flexibility will allow the most important thing to occur, the end product being high value to the end users and not the fastest Dev time or the locked in ideas and tasks which become outdated in a short time frame.

PRE-Crowdsale Dates
1st of March 2018 - 14th of March 2018
1 ETH = 4000 YAK (30% off)

15th of March 2018 - 28th of March 2018
1 ETH = 3500 YAK (20% off)

Crowdsale Dates
29th of March 2018 - 30th of April 2018
1 ETH = 3000 YAK

A minimum investment is 1000 YAK.

Please checkout our website and whitepaper, post us questions you may have.
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