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Dec 14, 2018
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Founded in 2017 by a group of enthusiasts united around the common idea of cryptography and decentralization, we started researching and developing new types of secure encryption technology. The idea of RNG Coin evolved from our belief in the need for secure Random Numbers Generation to underpin a host of everyday uses.
Based on Proof-of-Work, RNG Coin is a mineable coin. Our philosophies are based on Satoshi Nakamoto's ideas of decentralization and cryptography - building on them to develop a new type of coin with improved cryptography and advanced functionality.
RNG Coin connects both cryptography and blockchain together. The usage of the Random Numbers Generation technology has no limits. It could be used in many cases including, but not limited to: gambling, secure messaging, secure data transfer, lottery, end-to-end encryption, virtual sports, private transactions and many more. This has all been driven by our belief that decentralization, blockchain technology and cryptography will change the world for the better.


Mining algorithm: SHA-256
Launched: July 2018
Maximum Coin Supply: 840,000,000 RNG
Pre-mine: 84,000,000 RNG (10%)
Next halving: 2100000 block
Block time: 50 seconds
Block size: 1 mb
PoW Reward: 90 RNG
PoS Reward: 90 RNG
Required confirmations: 6
Timestamping scheme: Proof-of-work, Proof-of-stake
Transaction Fees: 0.001 – 0.004 RNG
Transaction comments: up to 528 characters (up to 2000 characters with compression)
Written in: C++
Operating System: Win, Linux, OS X
Source model: Open source

Reward decreasing by 5% each year.

Mining out in 8 years.

Min POS Age - 30 days
Max POS Age - 90 Days

Block explorer:
Rngexplorer.io , Chainxplorer.io,
Nodes: List of nodes


Shared Secret
Block Explorer
Coin mixer
Gaming block explorer

Upcoming services:

Random Numbers Generation (API)
Shared Secret Qt
Web Wallet
Decentralized Exchange
Crypto messenger
Planned note decryption
Mobile wallets
Built in RNG
Master nodes
Smart contracts
Super nodes
Shared Money


Exchanges: Coming soon..​
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